Nov 30, 2010

Giveaway winner!

Have you read about these colorful little potatoes? And the umpteen number of dishes your could make with these beauties? Check out these colorful little potatoes in your grocery aisl if you would love to try these out.

Now the winner of the previous giveaway selected using Random Integar Generator is - Radhika of Foodfor7stages who commented -

"I love those potato bondas. Love the giveaway. Following you on FB :)"

Congrats Radhika! Do email me your address and I will have the gift shipped to you.

Hope everyone had an amazing thanksgiving!

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Nov 24, 2010

Colorful lil' Potatoes and a giveaway!

Potatoes are comfort food for many. It can be paired easily with any meal and can bring back memories of holidays and family dinners. The potatoes from Tasteful Selections have bold colors, unique flavors, small sizes and faster cooking times and are perfect for any occasion.

"Baskin-Robbins may have beat us with 31 flavors, but eight flavors of potatoes plus our medleys in three different sizes makes for a lot of potatoes choices and endless meal possibilities." boast the people at Tasteful Selections. The potatoes fit into modern busy lives and offer a great culinary experience because they are quick cooking and appetizing too.
Why They Taste Great: Unique Flavors, Tender Skins and Moist Textures

Why They Are Easy To Prepare: Pre-washed; no cleaning or peeling needed and Small sizes = faster cook times

The potatoes come in different bite sizes. But choice doesn’t end with size—choice also comes in a variety of flavors. Check out all the different flavors available here.

I made some amazing Potato Pies and Potato Bonda with these amazing small and cute potatoes from Tasteful Selections.
There are umpteen number of options and recipes to create with these cute potatoes! Go check out your grocery store to grab a packet of these beauties for your thanksgiving dinner!

The people from Tasteful Selections have agreed to send some of their exciting products to a lucky reader of Dil Se.. If you would like to win your will have to:
Leave a comment saying what is your favorite potato dish.
Additional entries:

Optional : Follow Dil Se.. publicly in your reader or subscibe by email.
Optional : Follow Dil Se.. in Facebook.
Please leave a seperate comment for each entry.

I will select the winner using a random generator and will announce the winner on monday.

Until then, enjoy your thanksgiving holidays!

Disclaimer: *Please note that Tasteful Selections sent me these samples for review, but as always my opinions are entirely honest and entirely my opinion.

Nov 22, 2010

Quick and easy aval payasam

This is a different version of aval payasam I came up with recently as a result of a strange experiment. it is a little different from the regular aval payasam I make. It has a secret ingredient and it makes the payasam absolutely delicious. My husband could not identify the taste of the secret ingredient at all! We licked our bowls clean! Will definitely be making this again..

 Guess what the secret ingredient is! It is a tablespoon on Badam drink mix! All the ingredients in the badam drink mix - saffron, almonds, cardamom all rendered a delightful flavor to the payasam. Do try it next time you make payasam. I believe it could be added to any type of payasam/kheer/pudding.

Aval/ Flattened beaten rice/ Poha - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Milk - 2 cups ( I used low fat milk but whole milk tastes best)
Cardamom powder - 1 pinch
MTR Badam Drink mix - 1 tablespoon (Any brand can be used)
Ghee - 2 tablespoons
Cashews - few
Raisins - few

In a wide pan, heat the ghee and add the cashews and raisins. Once the cashews turn golden brown and the raisins plump up, remove them with a spoon and set aside. In the same ghee, add the aval/poha and toast for about two minutes, until the aval crisps up and turns slight golden brown.

In a heavy bottomed pan, add the milk and bring it to a boil. Add the toasted aval/poha and keep on medium heat and allow the aval to cook completely. It should blend well with the milk rather than stay as whole pieces. At this point, add the sugar. Stir well. Allow it to cook and completely dissolve. Once it starts to boil, simmer and add the badam drink mix and the cardamom powder.

Mix well and simmer until you get the desired consistency and switch off the stove. The payaam thickens once it cools, so simmer until you get a runny consistency, so that you get the thick rich payasam once cooled off. Garnish with cashews and raisins.
Serve warm or cold.
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Nov 15, 2010

Food Blog Events Calendar

I have compiled a "Food Blog Events Calendar" featuring foodie events from all over the blogosphere. Place your cursor over the event name or click it to view more details about each event. If you would like your event to be listed in this calendar, please leave me a comment in this post with the link to the event announcement post. Thank You!

Show Me Your Cookbook!

After my Cookbook Review, I noticed that even though I have a few cookbooks, I have never been cooking with them much. They lie in a corner of my kitchen collecting dust. I usually find it easy to find a certain recipe online or in other blogs. Last weekend, when I was browsing my cookbooks, I realized how each cookbook had a personality and style of cooking which cannot be obtained just from browsing online. The various pictures in the book look really appealing and enticing me to cook! Hence, the theme for this edition of "Show Me Your".. event series.

I have decided that I should try atleast one recipe a week from any of my cookbooks, so that I get to know new recipes, put my cookbooks into good use and also find a reason to blog my creations!

Few guidelines for the event:
For the event, all you have to do is click a picture of your favorite cookbook/cookbooks or your entire cookbook shelf and send it over! In your post you could also list the name of all the cookbooks your proudly own, and also any interesting stories you would like to share regarding your cookbooks.

Please link back your post to this event announcement.

Please include all details in a single post. If you have any archived post featuring your cookbooks, you could very well send them over linking back to this post.

Send me an email to divyablogs[AT]gmail[DOT]com with the following details:
Blog Name:
Permalink of your blogpost:

Please send in your entries before December 31, 2010.

Happy Cooking and also do check out my new Food Blog Events Calendar!

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Nov 12, 2010

Anjum's New Indian - Cookbook Review

Anjum's New Indian is a well organized cookbook with regional recipes from states all over India. It documents the traditional Indian cuisine which evolved over time in Indian households.

The book starts with basic recipes like how to make homemade garam masala, indian-style yogurt, paneer and goan red spice paste. It also describes how basic ingredients like tomato, lentils and chilies are actually cooked the Indian way. I believe Indian cooking is unique and renders mild flavorful dishes when ingredients are cooked only in a certain way. This book beautifully describes all those ways.

Even though Indian cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, this book features some amazing non-vegetarian recipes from all regions of India. It 's recipes range from unique entertaining ones like the Anglo-Indian Tomato soup, Madras Pepper Lamb and Kashmiri Pilaff to some basic comforting recipes like the tarka dal, easy mung lentil curry and raitas.

I like the way the recipes are organized under different categories like light meals and snacks, meat, chicken, fish and seafood, vegetables, beans and lentils, rice and bread, raitas and chutneys, desserts and drinks. The recipes also have an introduction to how the recipe shaped up in the particular state of India.

If you are looking for some Indian cookbooks with some authentic non-vegetarian recipes and looking to experiment with cuisines from various states of India, this is your go-to book. It has appetizing pictures and recipes!

Look out for some recipes from the book in the near future in this blog!

Nov 8, 2010

MLLA#28 Roundup and the winner!

It was a pleasure hosting October's edition of My Legume Love Affair# 28! Thank you Susan for giving me the opportunity to host it. It was raining legumes in my inbox! I received a lot of amazing entries and I have tried my best to put them all together in the following roundup..

We also have a winner here!! Susan has offered to reward the winner with a cookbook from Amazon US and a Hurst Bean Box.. Scroll down to the end of the roundup to view the winner!

This month's MLLA# 29 is being hosted by Lisa of Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen..

Susan - Indian Spiced Tamarind Cooler
Divya Vikram - Rajma Paratha/ Kidney Bean stuffed Indian Flatbread

Lisa - Chickpea and tomato salad with chat masala
Divya Anil - Cherupayar Puzhukku

Janet - Japanese Tomato Tofu Caprese Salad
Anu Menon - Palak Kadhi

Divya Anil - Cherupayar Papaya Thoran
Akheela - Fried lentil dumplings (vada) in yogurt sauce

Sunitha Bala - Balti Fish Curry
Amritha Kalyani - Horsegram soup

Sunitha Bala - Carrot Kofta Curry
Sunitha Bala - Chickpea Curry

Megha - Punjabi Chole
Simona - Fagiolata Con Salamelle

Nisha - Lauki wali toor dal
Padhu - Peanut Sundal

Matt Huntley - Pumpkin White Bean Stew
Shobana - Boiled Masala Peanuts

Sowmya - Chickpea Fry
Megha - Black eyed beans curry

Shruthi - Thappadbillalu
Simona - Macco di fave / Fava bean purée
Harini - Jaya - Valor Lilva Kurma

Sharmilee - Channa Masala
Christine - Spicy Bean Sprouts Salad
Soma - Aloo Mattar

Janet - Yam, Zucchini and Chickpea Salad
Megha - Japanese Tofu Salad

Vanessa - Calcutta's Ghugni Chickpeas curry
Valerie - Bean 'n Kale Salad

Janet - Roasted Tomato and Lentil Salad with a Caramelized Sherry Vinaigrette
Janet - Brazilian Black Bean Stew with Portobello Mushrooms (Portobello Feijoada)
Santosh Bangar - Khandvi
Santosh Bangar - Dry Peas Tikki
Nithya - Channa Pulao

PJ - Falafel and Wrap
Supriya - Fifteen bean chilli

Claire - Veggie Loaf
Janet - Brazilian Black Bean Stew with Portobello Mushrooms (Portobello Feijoada)

Rachel - Poblano White Chilli
Sanghi - Pakoda Potato Kuruma

Christine - Soya nuggets and green peas pulao
Christine - Soya nuggets with green peas

Priyanka - Soya Nuggets Curry
Santosh Bangar - Spinach Chickpeas curry

Denise - Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda
Denise - Pasta in roasted redpepper hummus sauce

Nithu Bala - Peas Masala
Denise - Acaraje

And the winner I chose using a random number generator is Simona! Congrats! Simona, I shall forward your email address to Susan and she will contact you regarding the prize..

Thanks for participating friends. I have included all the entries I received to the best of my ability. If I have missed any, please let me know and I shall include it ASAP.

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