Oct 2, 2009

Cooking For Kids : Evening Snacks

Due to other stuff coming up, blogging always takes a back seat.. And hence the delay of this roundup. I was extremely happy to receive more than 75 entries for the Cooking for kids event: Healthy Snacks event. Once again I thank Sharmi for the letting me host this event.

Without further talks, let us move to the roundup!

Shanthi krishnakumar - Sundal
Sadhana - Multigrain Banana Nut Muffin
Vidya - Ammini Kozhukattai
Bergamot - Wholesome Chocolate Chip Cookies

Saritha - Murmura laddoo
Jaya Wagle - Grilled potato sandwich
Pari Vasisht - Mango hearts and mango muffins
Nandini - Seedai

Poornima - Jaggery Dosa
Shama - Banana Vadai
Anu Nandu - Chocolate cupcakes
Anu Nandu - Kids Butterfly Sandwiches

Anu Nandu - Three Striped Popsicles
Gayathri and Renuga - Banana Strawberry Smoothie
Gayathri and Renuga - Ragi Paneer Pakoda
Gayathri and Renuga - Yogurt Pops

Uma Priya - Berry Cherry Pops
EC - Maggi Sandwich
Usha R - Vegan Orange Flavored Cranberry Oatmeal Bars
Archy - Honey Roasted Almonds

Preeti - Kuzhi Paniyaram
Preeti - Beignet Lollipops
Preeti - Microwave Masala Peanut
Hemavathi - Papa's Porridge

Trendsetters - Honey Baked Bananas
Jyoti V - Veg Soya Cutlets
Sireesha - Vegetable Semiya Upma
Pari Vasisht - Mysore Masala Dosa

Sireesha - Healthy Strawberry Shake
Priya Suresh - Mixed Dal Paniyaram
Priya Suresh - Black eyed peas Sundal
Priya Suresh - Whole Greengram Kunukku

Priya Suresh - French Bread Toast
Priya Suresh - Chickpeas Sundal
Priya Suresh - Mixed bean Sundal
Priya Suresh - Onion Medhu Vadai

Nithya - Desi Monaco Sandwich
Nithya - Stuffed Fryums
Nithya - Zoozoo Biscuits
Nithya - Baby Corn Tikka

Nithya - Frozen Elani
Sadhana - Sweet Sesame Seed Balls(Ellu Urundai)
Anshika - Frankie Rolls
Priti - Almond Pistachio milk

Kanchan - Pani Puri
Sireesha - Bread Pizza
Faiza - Fruit Kababs
Mansi - Corn flakes Chivda

Arti Agarwal - Vegetable Cutlet Burger
Arti Agarwal - Creamy Pasta
Arti Agarwal - French Fries
Prathibha - Tadka Bread Snack

Prathibha - Paneer Tikka
Prathibha - mumbai Vegetable Sandwich
Sadhana - Sweet Mixed nut Balls
Sadhana - Whole wheat Sweet Appam

Shri - Pretzels
Muskaan Shah - Churma Ladoo/Modak ( Healthy Whole Wheat & Jaggery Balls)
Minu - Popeye Pasta
Lakshmi Venkatesh - Seepu seedai

Lakshmi Venkatesh - Kalkandu Vadai
Sree Vidya - Bread peas masala
Deepti - Bread Upma
Deepti - Besan Cheelay

Lakshmi - Moong bean sprouts dosa
Aqua - Coconut burfi
Sandhya - Spicy Cuppy cakes
Raje - Minty Grilled Quesadillas
Raje - Flaky buttermilk biscuits

Prasu - Asparagus stir fry
Prasu - Raw banana snack
Prasu - Aloo Bonda
Prasu - Chitti Chegodilu

Prasu - Healthy oats cutlet
Prasu - Maramara pakodi
Prasu - Oats Pohe
and finally my entry - Bread Pizza

Happy snacking the healthy way!!


  1. Great round up! So many ideas for kids snack!

  2. Woow.. such a huge roundup up, and so nicely arranged..
    Shall bookmark this page for future referenes.. :)

  3. Great Roundup...Now I know where to come when I want to make healthy snack for my kiddo

  4. I did not remember that even i took part of this...Nice round up...gr8 job


  6. Nice round up Divya !
    So many snacks around :)

  7. Lovely snacks and great round-up.. I am sure it'll be loved by not just kids, but us too!
    BTW, pls collect your award from my blog dear! :)

  8. Nice round up.Yummilicious entries,wow!

  9. Nice one..Tasty n inviting recipes for kids and us also

  10. gr8 roundup thanx for this lovely collection of yummy kids food

  11. வாவ்வ்வ்வ் இவ்வளவு வெரைட்டீஸா....கிட்ஸ்களுக்கு தினம் ஒன்னு செய்து அசத்தலாம்.பாராட்டுக்கள் அனைவருக்கும்!!

  12. Great work Divya! wonderful entries..

  13. WOww!! amazing and delicious round up!!

  14. Hi Divya, Finally the roundup is here:)) My God I never expected so many entries!! Thanks for the effort and for being a great host.
    So many mouthwatering recipes !! Will have to visit all these sites phew!!!

  15. Wow, great round up........all recipe looks yummy

  16. OMG... so many wonderful dishes... fantastic roundup.

  17. WAW!wonderful entries and gr8 round up...i think one picture is missing...jusy FYI.

  18. Such an incredible roundup! I am in awe that you were able to display all 75 entries so beautifully - such an impressive feat!

  19. Great round-up.
    Will book mark the recipes.
    I just gave you a bear hug, dear.
    Check this link.

  20. Hi,

    Your blog is superb. I want to finish off my rice flour before going on summer holidays and I was searching in many blogs by giving 'Rice flour' as search string. Out of all, your blog gave me relevant search results. Good work done keep it up!!


  21. Hi,

    Looks like this blog is not open for all readers. How do i get access ? Do i need to pay ?

    Thanks !

  22. wow....fantastic round up!!!! Thanks for teaching us tricks to handle kids' nutrition...&make them healthy.... Divya.


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