Feb 5, 2010

Show Me Your Cake Roundup

Finally here is the roundup of Show Me Your Cake Event! Thanks for all the lovely delicious cakes baked by the professional bakers out there! Also do check out my ongoing events at Dil Se..

Show Me Your Salad
Sunday Snacks: Healthy Snacks

Now onto the delicious roundup!

Cham - Christmas Fruit Cake
Ann - Chocolate Truffle Gateau

Kavya Naimish - Gumpaste and Fondant Cake
Devi Meyyappan - Viennese Sachertorte
Sheetal - Nigel Slater's Chocolate Beetroot Cake
Madhuram - Vegan Chocolate Banana Cake

Kavya Naimish - Marble Cake
Kavya Naimish - Zebra Cake
Kavya Naimish - Black Forest Cake
Kavya Naimish - Wilton Cake Decoration Course 2

LK- Tiramisu - eggless & alcohol-free
Shahana - "Perfectly chocolate" chocolate cake
Notyet 100 - Eggless Christmas Cake
LK - Pandan Chiffon Cake

Sree Lakshmi - Birthday Cake
Sree Lakshmi - First Fondant Cake
Aliena Varghese - Orange Cake with Coffee Sauce
Yachna - 5 minute Eggless Chocolate Cake

Chaitra - Marble Cake
Divya S - Chocolate Cake with Almond Chip Icing
Parita - Rich Christmas Fruit Cake
AdukalaVishesham - Marble Cake

Poornima - Vegan Fruit and Nut Cake
Jyoti - Eggless Layered Vanilla Cake
Jyoti - Eggless Pineapple Chunk Cake
Komal - Nishka - Spiced Eggless Sponge Cake with Carrots

Nutan Dodbele - Dream Cake
Nutan Dodbele - Mango Cake
Nutan Dodbele - Tie Cake
Poornima - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Nandini - Date and Walnut Cake
Prasu - Chunky Apple Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
N33ma - 'Perfectly Chocolate' Chocolate Cake
Sheetal - Paula Deen's Red Velvet Cupcake

Cilantro - Fruit Cake
Pari - Coffeeless Coffee Cake
Renu - Eggless Cornflour Strawberry Muffin
Faiza Ali - Black Forest Gateau / black forest cake

Sowmya - Peach Crumb Cake
Karuna - Praline and Fresh Fruit Gateau
Karuna - Corona beer bottle and mug cake
Karuna - Marble Cake

Sowjanya - Savoury Cake
Sree Vidya - Chocolate Cake with butter cream icing
Nayna - Princess Cup Cakes
Nayna - Chocolate Cake

Priya Suresh - French King Cake
Priya Suresh - Chocolate Yule Log Cake
Priya Suresh - Chunky Apple and Chocolate Yoghurt Cake
Priya Suresh - Christmas Condensed Milk Dry Fruits & Nuts Cake

Arundhuti Rama - Walnut 'n Chocolate Chip Cake
Sumi - Dates Prunes and walnuts bread
Lissie - Peanut Butterscotch Cake
Sayantani - Christmas Rich Fruit and Nut Cake

Fathima - Fruit Cake
Sandhya - Eggless Chocolate Indulgence layer cake
Nisha - POM Shortcake
Kokilashree - Eggless alcohol free Fruit and nut cake

AdukalaVishesham - Christmas Fruit Cake
Swathi - Plum Cake/Rich Fruit cake-Christmas cake
Sheba : Banana Chocolate Pudding Cake
Rekha : Butter Cake

Simi Matthew - Christmas Fruit Cake
Sudha - Cherry Almond Cake
Divya Kudua - Christmas Fruit Cake
Shobha - Festive Eggless Zebra Cake

Jayasree - Eggless Chocolate Banana Cake
Dr. Sanjay - Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
Renu - Spiced Parsimmon Cake
Padma - Tuti Fruity Cake

Sra - Whole Orange Cake with Citrus Glaze
Padma - Eggless Chocolate Cake
Aliena Varghese - Christmas Cake
Bindiya Singh - Christmas Date and Chocolate Cake

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  1. Lovely cakes!! Gr8 Round UP!!



  2. Woww.. yummy round-up!!.. delicious and tempting cakes:).. very nice:)

  3. Thanks for the round-up - perfect job! Now this page is bookmarked for its a one-stop repository for yummy treats!
    Kudos for hosting this event!

  4. hi nice round up. I can't see the recipe from " Sra - Whole Orange Cake with Citrus Glaze" and "Dr. Sanjay - Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake" blog is protected. pls put recipes in your blog if they don;t want to open their blog to visitors. plssssss

  5. Divya , cute and delicious round up I must say

  6. What a roundup... That's one great collection of gorgeous cakes. I find many eggless too. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Hi.....Divya
    Lovely absolutely lovely round up........
    Wow.......The recipes and clicks are too good.... The cakes look so deliciously yummy that i simply can't stop drooling over them......
    Great event......

  8. Great roundup of such lovely cakes!

  9. lovely cakes..you have linked my peach crumbb cake to another site..can you please change the links..thanks..

  10. Hi Divya, you've got some great cakes there, I instantly want some marble cake after seeing them in the round-up.

    And Anon, my blog is open to the public - the link is going to some Web stats site, though. Divya, please correct it, will you?

  11. Wow, so many delicious entries to try out from. I really can't resist but I can't try all of them at one time so will work it out for occassions. Although that's not the pic I sent for my 5 minute eggless chocolate cake, but it's okay I guess. :)

  12. wow Divya great work with the round up. so many cakes its a treat for the eyes.

  13. Nice round up with lovely collection of cake recipes!!

  14. Delicious spread of cakes. Just looking at it makes me drool. There are a lot of eggless cakes and choco cakes, thanks for hosting.

  15. Wow..a great round-up Div.I am struggling to keep up with the number of amazing recipes I need to try..:):)

  16. Divya, thanks, appreciate your correcting the link. I'm off to check my stats now ;)

  17. Wow look like a bakery visit ! cannot wait to try few of them! Thanks gal!

  18. Damn...I don't know for the life of me how I forgot to send in something for this...I had 2 I wanted to send in!

    Anyways,lovely round-up!

  19. Hi Divya,
    Yummy round up! How nice if the technology allows us to take a bite from a pic!!!!!
    Great work!

  20. Dhivya, just love your round up see you are so much tempting me now!!! havent made cake in a while now I so tempted to make it... vivid collection have bookmarked your page!!!

  21. one day (perhaps sooner than expected), I'm going to go crazy reading exploring and salivating over the food blogs on the internet. I wonder if I can EVER try all recipes in a lifetime!!

  22. Lovely round up Divya.. Seeing all these, hope someday I get confidence to get into baking :)

  23. Hi Divya ,

    Wow yummy cakes ....do collect an award from our blog ...
    Check this link

  24. Wow, that was too tempting... makes me want cake!

  25. good job rounding up .. liked the fact tat i can look up at one place instead of googling :)

  26. what a wonderful collection of recipes..Good job
    this round up...Good blog too...


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