Oct 9, 2009

Show Me Your Omelette - Roundup

Finally, here is the roundup of Show Me Your Omelette event! I received delicious omelettes which can be had for breakfast, lunch and even dinner! This page is worth bookmarking for all your future references I guess! Thank you everyone for all your beautiful entries!

And while I was thinking of ideas for my next Show me Your... event, I was not able to finalize upon any one topic. So it would be great if you come up with any great ideas for my next Show Me Your.. event!!

Meena - Omelette
Deepti - Veggie Omelette

Nandhini - Omelette Pizza
Nandhini - Omelette roll and Pesto

Gita - Spinach omelette with egg whites
Sanghi - Onion Chilly Egg Omelette

Gita - Vegetable Omelette
Nandhini - Coriander omelette

Gita - Cheese Omelette with scallions
Hema - Eggs with fresh green herbs

Anuradha - Zucchini and herb omelette
Sanghi - Simple EggPepperOmelette

Sanghi - Half boil egg Omelette
Vidya - Cheese Masala Omelette

Kanchan - Capsicum Cheese Omelette
Nivedita - Nutty Egg Omelette

Priya - Bellpeppers Omelette
Priya - White radish Omelette

Nandhini - Omelette Pancake
Valarmathi - Thai Style Mushroom omlette

Gayathri and Renuga - Spring Onion Omlet
Gayathri and Renuga - Karandi Omelet

Prasu - Veggie Omelette


  1. Amazing round up divya!! Lots of yummy omelets

  2. Hi Divya. Amazing collection of Omlettes. I just could not make it to your event. For your 'show me' series I have a few ideas-
    Show me your- Parathas/Greens/Pulao/Desserts/Icecreams/snacks/Paneer ...you want more? Hope this helps.
    In between something went wrong with my reader, and I was not getting updates of your posts. I have corrected that and now hopefully I am following you, unless my reader creates problems again.

  3. Nice roundup .. I was so much waiting for it !

  4. Hi,
    Lovely, omeletty round up!!
    Waiting for it!
    Going to try each recipe.

  5. lovely round up...i shud have sent my oats veg. omelet....

  6. Wow.. Great round-up Divya.. As you said, excellect reference and I have already bookmarked it!!
    For your next "Show me your.." event, some of my ideas are "Dosas, Idlis, Vadas, Kheer/Payasam" I know all of them are south-indian, but each of them has a unique taste and can be prepared in many ways..! Good luck and awaiting your announcement!! :)

  7. Nice Round up....

    It cud be...
    Show me your Flatbread / Pancakes or Show me the grain/legume

  8. Lovely collection of omelettes..great roundup..

  9. Hi Divya,
    Few ideas came in my head for your next "Show me your....",
    Show me your utensils(which one really loves to cook with), show me your salad(raw food), show me your crockery..

  10. Amazing round up!!Nice collections...

  11. Whoa! I can't complain about eating the same type of omlettes anymore ;-)

  12. சூப்பர்ர்ர்!!நிறைய வெரைட்டீஸ்...

  13. Show me the Curry :) This idea just struck me..

  14. Mmm.. yummy roundup divya! so many varieties to look for..!

  15. Gawd! I keep missing your events! Siri just today reminded me of your rajma event!!! HAVE to send you this time!!! Hopefully expect one from me soon - need to get my lazy bum working! :)


  16. Nice round up!
    I don't eat eggs except in the form of cake.
    This round up tempts me to try ;)
    You are tagged! Please check my blog for the tag and awards.
    Thanks for your reply on zebra cake.
    It did come out well.
    Will post soon :D

  17. Wow...that's an awesome roundup...so many new and yum recipes.....

  18. Hi Divya,
    Very nice collection of recipes for cooking omelettes.
    Here is my simple recipe to cook one.


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