Apr 8, 2008


Being my birthday today I thought I would post some sweet..I happened to eat Baklava in a greek restaurant and liked it very much..I made baklava for the first time at home making slight changes in this recipe..It turned out really good and I thought I could share it with you....I also thank my blogger friends for all your lovely wishes and blessings.. Especially Dhivya who made this yummy cheesecake for me..
Thanks a lot Dhivs..



For the Baklava
Phyllo dough - 1 pack
Butter - 1 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Chopped walnuts and almonds - 2 cups
Cinnamon powder - 2 teaspoons

For the syrup
Honey - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Lemon juice - 1 teaspoon
Cinnamon - 1 teaspoon
Vanilla extract - 1 teaspoon



Thaw the phyllo dough as per the manufacturer's instruction.
Melt the butter and keep aside.Mix the nuts,sugar and cinnamon and keep aside.
Take a baking pan and cover with Aluminium foil for easy cleaning.Apply butter to the pan.
Then take one phyllo sheet and place it in the baking pan and apply butter over it with the help of a brush.


Similarly place around 8 sheets of dough brushing each layer with butter.
The dough is too delicate..So try not to tear while handling them.
then add half the nut-sugar mixture and spread evenly over the dough..


Then again cover with 5 to 6 sheets of dough, bushing each layer with butter.
Cover the remaining dough with a damp towel when not in use..Otherwise it might dry off.
Then add the remaining half of nut-sugar mixture and layer with 8 to 10 sheets of dough brushing each layer with butter..
Make sure to brush the top layer with butter as it gives the nice brown colour..
Cut the baklava into squares or diamonds.


Bake the baklava at 350 degree for 40 to 45 minutes.

Meanwhile prepare the syrup..Simmer the honey,sugar,water,lemon juice,cinnamon and vanilla for about 10 minutes..Aloow it to coll until it reaches a syrupy consistency..
Once the baklava is ready pour the honey syrup over it..


Cool the baklava and enjoy..
Stays fresh for around 10 days..


I am sending this to MasterBakers Challenge with the theme Vanilla

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  2. baklava looks really good Divya! wish you a happy birthday! I generally add pistachios to my recipe:)

  3. Good way to celebrate ur B'Day Div. Many more returns of the day , by the way it was such a lovely cheese cake Dhiv made, did she brings to u today? or Dhiv ate alone :)

  4. Happy Birthday Divya.Baklava looks good.Never made it

  5. wow!it looks so yumm divya!!!!bcoz of K i missed these tasty sweete and u missed my cheesecake!grr..grrr...2days no lunch for him...hope to meet u thursday!!!!

  6. wow.........no words to say,thats looks amazing,must have tasted yum rite?

  7. Happy Birthday Divya.
    baklava looks delicious.

  8. Hi Birthday girl, so many sweets on your b'day, ha! Cheese cake at Dhivya's and now this baklava. Good going. Hope you enjoyed your b'day. the baklava looks really yummy! But why did you work on your b'day! not fair at all! Finally, wishing you a very good birthday ever! Have fun.

  9. Divya,I had made this long back but seeing your tempting slices made me rock again. I have to try again.Thanks for sharing.

    Many Many happy returns of the day

  10. Happy Birthday!!!Baklava looks awesome...mouthwatering..

  11. Looks like it is pouring Baklava in the blogosphere - I made a week or so back and then Madhuram did, and now you. I love your version - Happy bday!

  12. Many happy returns of the day!!
    Baklava looks wonderful.
    Enjoy your day.

  13. Baklava looks awesome divya!!

    Many mant Happy Returns Of The Day!!

  14. Happy Birthday Divya. Your baklava looks delicious indeed.

  15. Happy Birthday Divya...sweet looks lovely

  16. Happy Birthday Divya!!! Baklava looks amazing!!

  17. many many happy returns of the day Dhivya:)
    now how abt sharing those baklava with us? ;)

  18. Happy Birthday Dear divya and wish you many more...the baklava looks yummm:)

  19. Divya Many Many Happy returns of the day. Its mys Husdands Birthday too on the 8th, well he did not get the lovely cheese cake you got but I made him an eclair cake, will post the recipe soon.

    Baklava looks good but I have never tried them before

  20. Happy Birthday Divya.Baklava looks sooooooooo good!! I have tasted it, but never made it.. will try soon!

  21. Divya-
    Happy Birthday. First time visitor to your blog, yummy baklava- thanks for sharing the recipe.

  22. You have a really nice blog...the Baklava looks delicious :)

  23. Wow! you make baklava at home! GReat!

    And a very happy birthday to you!

  24. Wow.. ! This looks cool. Never been to your blog before. Looks nice.
    -Pallavi @ All Things Yummy

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  26. Hi Divya! Found you blog by chance. Your site is great. By the way, my name is Divya too, and from the looks of it, my food fads seem to be like yours! I just made bakalava last week!

  27. thanks for the comments..and never knew u had such a gr8 blog..ur recipes are awesome..will try them...

  28. Hi,

    Nice post.But I dont know where to get phyllo dough in chennai...

    Sanctified Spaces


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