Jun 23, 2008

Vegetable club sandwich

Bored of having the same cereals, oats, bread and jam for breakfast I wanted to have something different yet a quick fix..I found this Vegetable club sandwich at Nupur's place..They are so easy to make..There are just few assembling steps to go until you have a healthy,delicious,rich sandwich to hit your taste buds in the morning..I prepared this for breakfast and it was over in a minute..I made a few changes and it resulted in the following sandwich.The original recipe can be found here



Any choice of bread.I used whole wheat bread - 3 slices

Tomato - 1

Potato - 1 small sized

Grated carrot

Jalapeno pickle (optional)

Salt and pepper


Chat masala 

Any cheese


Boil the potato.Butter  a slice of bread and place some boiled and mashed potato and add salt, pepper and chat masala.Add tomato slices, grated carrot and sliced pickles.Add required amount of shredded cheese and place a buttered slice of bread..Again do the same assembling of potato,tomato,carrot,pickles and cheese.Place the final bread slice on top..Press the whole assembly together..Butter the outer sides of the bread and toast them until it gets heated through and the cheese melts..


Serve with ketchup if needed..We had this for breakfast along with orange juice..

Sending this to Tried and Tasted - One Hot stove hosted by Zlamushka..

According to Nupur, this sandwich has a crowd pleasing potential and sold in the streets of Bombay.So sending this to MBP: Street Food hosted by Sia.

               Also sending this off to  Madhuram's Your Recipe Rocks ( YRR)

My dear friend Swati has passed on this award to me..Am really thankful to u buddy for passing this on to me..


And also Tasty treats has passed on this award to me.Am really happy to know that am rocking.



  1. YUM!! Second sandwich I am looking at today!:))


  2. Looks beautiful and tasty with pickled Jala Div!

  3. Sandwich is looking so beautiful Divya..I too saw this in Nupur's..Nice twist

  4. Divya, you won't believe, what I was thinking now. Semaya telepathy work out aagudhu. Just now I was thinking that it's long time since I visited your blog and I should come there today and check what you have done all these days. While I'm thinking that I saw your comment coming!

    Sandwich supera irukku. The combination of flavors is really good. Thank you for sending it to the event also.

  5. Yummy Sandwich Divya...looks mouthwatering!!!

  6. simple and yummy sandwich divs!!!even i have sandwiches for brkfast at times when i run out of ideas :)..good choice.

  7. yummy sandwich! ... btw divya, dunno if u missed my comment earlier. I have tagged u for a meme ... in case u want to fill out the meme.

  8. we just had these for dinner last night!:)

  9. Diviya,
    lovely sandwich. I know what you mean by being bored of the same breakfast, I have eaten cereals for breakfast for the past 3 - 4 years. I cannot stand them any more.
    Thank s a lot for participating T&T.

  10. the snadwich looks neat and mess-free...and not to mention healthy too!!! great entries :-) congrats on ur awards divya! :-)

  11. delicious sandwich, divya! good selection. Congrats on the well deserved awards.

  12. hi divya!

    looks yummy .. fantastic click....

  13. Healthy sandwich. This is another healthy recipe I am looking at...Tasty sandwich for a quick bite!

  14. Sandwich with chat masala is good divya. and love that name club sandwich.

  15. Sandwich looks lovely Divya!! Nice entry!!

  16. sandwich looks delicious...its a quick breakfast....

  17. Sandwich is looking so beautiful and tasty.....Thanks for sharing.......

  18. sandwhich looks great...specially the fillin,..

  19. delious sandwich divya ,it would be great for breakfast

  20. I've never made this for breakfast, but you are right- I would love it so much better than the usual cereals. Thanks for trying the recipe :)


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