Aug 5, 2008

Weekend Herb Blogging Roundup

Here is another edition of Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB)with an array of unique dishes centering around herbs..I had a great time guest hosting Weekend Herb Blogging started by dear Kalyn and has been going on for more than two years successfully in the blogging world..I was really overwhelmed to see dishes coming in from all over the world..And each dish unique in its own style and cuisine..A big thank you to each blogger who have taken efforts in creating fabulous dishes and sending in with great appealing photographs..I am really happy that I received around 30 entries in the first event I am hosting...

I have posted the roundup in the order I rceived my entries..Enjoy the roundup!

Marija of Palachinka presents her exquisite Couscous stuffed eggplants.She peps up the dish with basil,thyme,Vegeta seasoning and few other interesting ingredients.She has presented the dish so beautifully..Check out her blog for more beautiful dishes!

Ning of Heart and Hearth from Phillippines makes a stew with fresh bamboo shoots from China..They are a rich source of Potassium and fiber..She says"After all, if a panda can grow as big as they are through eating bamboos alone, then it must truly be good food!"Check out interesting myths about bamboo in her post!

Maria of Organically cooked from Hania makes Lenten Kalitsounia for The forefeast of the transfiguration held in her community.She uses Vlita(amarnath leaves) in making this unique dish..She makes a vegan version of Kalitsounia especially for the feast..

Syrie of Taste Buddies from Canada presents a Smoked Salmon Pizza with caramelized onions topped with capers and dill weed flowers.She tells a story of how her friend started liking caramelized onions a thing which she hates the most..The pizza does look too appealing with the smoked salmon..Wish I had a slice right now!

TS and JS of Eating club from Vancouver presents a Cumin Cauliflower slaw. A great way to consume veggies in a natural way.She says she coveted this slaw recipe from her neighbour.She dresses the slaw using lime, honey, apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

Wiffy of NoobCook sends in a lemon barley drink.Barley has cooling properties and it is a refreshing drink to have during this scorching summer.Winter melon sugar and Pandan leaves adds more flavor to the drink.

Dhivya of Culinary Bazaar from Calfornia makes this minty peas soup on an overcast day.She says this soup is rich  not by way of calories but rich by way of taste.The soup looks creamy and rich.Check out her post for simple minty ideas..

Srivalli of Cooking for all Seasons from India gives us great information about the Sprouting Process..It gives us insight on which beans and berries can be sprouted.Check out her blog to know the nutritional information of sprouts.

Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen our host from Salt Lake City presents the recipe for Market Street Grill Creamy Cucumber-Dill Sauce for Fish..The sauce looks creamy and rich and made with dill,fat free mayo and fat free sour cream..Have a look at her south beach recipe suggestions..

Ivy of greek hospitality from Athens presents Okra Ladies Fingers-Mpamies.She makes a unique combo with okra,chicken and feta..Check out her mouth drooling pictures..

Christine of Kitschow from Canada makes Cucumber Ice using Japanese Cucumbers.This is a perfect treating during hot summer days.She also gives other aesthetic uses of cucumber..

Natashya of Living in the Kitchen with puppies makes oregano oil using the oregano cultivated from her garden.She makes an oregano marinade with it which can be used for poultry,fish,meat and vegetables.

Cham of Spice-Club from California makes Drumstick leaves and dhal.Drumstick trees are found in almost every backyard in South India..Check out her blog for the various superstitions and beliefs about drumstick trees!

Kamala of Mom's Recipe makes a fresh Swiss Chard Masiyal.She says she misses arai keerai masiyal she used to have back at home.This tastes best with sambhar and rice.

Nathan Lau of House of Annie from San Jose makes Steamed Shiitake Mushrooms with Bok Choy and Fatt Choy.Check out her blog for quick asian dishes.

Pam from Sidewalk Shoes makes a simple Tarragon Vinegar which pairs very well with any type of meal.This can be made in minutes..

Sherra from Our Taste of Life makes Tokwa't Baboy with Tausi ..She uses kinchay to pep up the dish..

Jennifer of Like to Cook makes Baba Ganoush with parseley..This dish is a simple one with a few ingredients..But tastes great as a dip with pita bread.

Priyanka from Asan Khana from Singapore makes a No Cook Spaghetti with basil..She gives great information about basil and also ways to preserve and store them.

Lakshmi from The Yum Blog bakes  carrot coriander muffins.Savory muffins taste great when infused with herbs.And this carrot coriander combo sounds unique and appealing.Do check out her blog for some fascinating authentic south Indian recipes.

Beth from The Ex Patriate's kitchen makes a fresh thai summer salad with long beans and water spinach..The salad looks healthy and perfect for this weather.

Valentina from Trembom makes a crunchy cucumber and radish salad..She uses Lebanese cucumbers in the salad.The salad is full of goodiness and loaded with vitamins.

Katie from Thyme for cooking whips up a potato salad with pimento dressing. The salad looks colourful and is rich in vitamins and minerals and is a perfect substitute for all the vitamin and other supplements.

Jerry from Jerry's thoughts,musings and rants makes Asparagus wrapped in Pancetta with Citronette.She grills the asparagus and the citrionette gives a zing to the dish.

Haalo of Cook almost Anything atleast once from Australia makes Sautéed Broccolini with Garlic-infused breadcrumbs.Check out her blog for more details about Broccolini which belongs to the Brassica family.

Siri of Siri's Corner makes Bread Gnocchi flavores using rosemary.Check out her quicker version of bread gnocchi which can be made with a prep time of 15 minutes.

Erin of The Skinny Gourmet from Chicago makes Irish Chicken Salad Sandwich on Soda Bread.Check out her blog for useful information about caraway..

Jude of Apple Pie,Patis and Plate from Chicago makes a stir fry using Shanghai Bok Choy.This can be prepared in minutes and makes a whole meal in itself..

Cheryl of Gluten free Goodness makes a minty chicken for us with the chocolate mint from her garden.She also uses Stevia and marjoram leaves to flavor the chicken..Check out her blog for more gluten free recipes.

Finally, the entry by the guest host!Yes, that's me..My entry is cheese oregano straws made using puff pastry.The oregano gives an aromatic,warm and slightly bitter taste to the cheese straws and they serve as a great appetizer and tea-time snack..

Hope I have included all recipes in the roundup..Do let me know if I have missed any..It was fun hosting this event.Thanks to Kalyn..


  1. Excellent round up divya..awesome entries..will take some time to check them all...kudos for a great job done!

  2. Loved the round up! There are a couple of dishes there that I will definitely be making.
    Thanks for hosting.

  3. Thanks for posting the round up ... there are so many dishes to drool at :D~

  4. What a lot of interesting ingredients this week.
    And nice job on the round-up!

  5. Lovely roundup with so many delicious dishes...unfortunately, I couldnt participate in ur event, great job

  6. awesome round up ,..with unique entries.///

  7. what a great round-up, Divya! I'm so sorry I couldn't contribute this time! But there are so many fantastic recipes here - thanks!

  8. Great job on this. I'm just about to go exercise, but when I get back I'll return to read the entries I haven't seen. Thanks again for hosting.

  9. So many delicious looking offerings. The photography is all so pretty this week too.

  10. what a lovely roundup! and such beautiful pictures. thanks for hosting!

  11. Fantastic different dishes all over the world :) Great work Divya !

  12. Did u say this was ur first time hosting? ;-) U must be kidding me ;-)

    Good array Divs...Thanks for hosting and putting all this together :) Page bookmarked :)

  13. Awesome round up Divya, so many mouthwatering dishes. Great great job dear!!! Sorry I couldn't participate in ur event, but next time surly do!!!

  14. Great round up! Thanks for hosting!

  15. excellent round up divya! do participate in the event going in my blog!

  16. Wow! the entries got me salivating to high heavens! Thanks for a very enticing round up Divya! Job well done all! :-)

  17. Hi,
    Visit my blog.there is something special for you..:) click here

  18. loved the round up..liked all the pci... have small treat for u on my blog...enjoy

  19. you have done a great job Divya! I am sad that I missed this event. So many yummy recipes to try.

  20. perfect round up da.... love u for ur quickness... i wanted to post something but couldnt... i posted it today :)

  21. Nice round up there Divya - herbs add such a wonderful flavour to all the dishes...

  22. lovely round up divya, some very nice entries - checking them out as I type. great job!

  23. Wow these are all gr8 and yum looking recipes.

  24. Wow, so many herb recipes. Would love to try atleast a few.

  25. Sorry dear divya, I mistook this event as diet event roundup. Maybe I was so sleepy when browsing ur blog.


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