Nov 13, 2009

Egg Salsa Dosai

This is not a special recipe! This dosa was born on a day when I was in no mood to have the same old dosa. I had some leftover dosa batter and was lazy to make some sambar or chutney to go with it. So all I did was make an egg dosai and spiced it up with a spoonful of salsa and it made a filling meal!

Here is the recipe..

Dosa batter
Egg - 1
Salsa - 2 teaspoons

In a tawa, spread the dosa batter as you would normally do while preparing dosas.
Beat an egg sperately in a bowl and pour it carefully in the center of the dosa. Spread it evenly over the dosa with a spoon.
Drizzle some oil along the sides. After about a minute, flip the dosa and allow it to cook on the other side.
Once the dosai is ready, Spoon in the salsa and fold the dosa from either sides.
You could also call this dosa- burrito!!!

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  1. The salsa on top quiet good idea! Probably well said dosa burrito!

  2. Nice innovative dish divya...we used to have only egg...i can try this:)

  3. Salsa on egg dosa sounds wonderful Dhivya...good one :)

  4. Hi divya i am drooling already.What a combination.I never thought about it.An innovative yet a easy and mast dosa.I am already your follower so i don't get to miss anything that's cooking in your kitchen

  5. Innovative idea...Dosa Looks yummy and simple.

  6. New and interesting Dosa recipe with salsa , would love to try it .

  7. Hey Divya, looks beautiful..I usually make a sunny side up on my dosa, love the egg and dosa combo!

  8. cool husband would love it.
    he loves egg bhurji made with salsa or pasta sauce..

  9. pls see this link

  10. mmmmm nice idea dear..looks tempting and nice.

  11. Good idea to taste doas differently...eating the same type of doas is kinda of bored..looks yummy:)

  12. What an idea!! I am always on a look out to make dosas different. Thanks for the recipe!!

  13. சூப்பராக இருக்கின்றது...அடுத்த முறை செய்து பார்க்கின்றேன்...


  14. Why am i not so creative the dosa made like thislooks so so drooley delicous.

  15. This is awesome Divya! I love such original ideas ... quick,tempting and tasty. :-)

  16. Very Creative. At the same time healthy and quick to make.


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