Mar 19, 2010

Show me Your Salad - Roundup

Hello everyone,
Here I am finally with the roundup of Show me Your Salad event.. Thanks everyone for sending in your delicious and healthy salads!

Meeso - Lime Chicken Salad with avocado and spinach
Meeso - Cold Chicken Salad

PJ - Carrot Salad Indian Style
Meeso - Broccoli Salad

SimplyFood - Garden Salad with Italian Dressing
Jyoti - Vegetable Pasta Salad

Nisha - Cucumber Radish Salad with Curd
Rachana Kothari - Feta nuggets on a bed of salad

Muskaan - Corn and Avocado Salad
Keerthana - Carrot Greengram kosambari

Kavitha and Gayathri - Cucumber Salad II
Kavitha and Gayathri - Healthy and Veggie Salad

Shahana Baker - Chana Salad
Kavitha and Gayathri - Cucumber Salad

Shahana Baker - Toasted Salad
Shahana Baker - Carrot Salad
Lubna karim - Fresh Fruit Salad

Kalva - Zesty and Chunky Avocado Tomato and lime Salad
SE - Lemony Dill Salad

Neethu - Potato greek Salad
Divya S - Apple for Breakfast

PJ - Kosambari
Sudha - Crab Salad

Nandini - Green Chickpeas Salad
Nandini - Mixed Salad

Priya - Simple Salad with Sesame seeds dressing
LK -Spinach Sesame Salad

Priya - Coleslaw
Priya - Thai Green mango Salad

Priya - Easy Egg and veggies Salad
Priya - Creamy Potato, Tomato and Dill Salad

Usha - Fruit Chaat Salad
Veggie Monolgues - Cabbage-Cilantro Salad

Lakshmi - Puffed Rice Salad
Kalai - Chickpeas Salad

Prathibha - Fattoush
Muskaan - Classic Carrot And Raisin Salad tossed with Honey & Sesame Dressing

Swathi - Vegetable salad with lemony vinaigrette
Jyoti - Cherry Tomato Salad

Cham - Citrus Salad
Sayantani - Morocco Inspired Broken wheat salad - grilled vegetable,fish/tofu or poached egg

Nivedita - Moong Salad
Padhu - Sprouted Moong Dal Carrot Salad

Kamalika - Stuffed Pasta Shell Salad
Kamala - Beetroot Carrot Salad

Tazaika - Hawaiian Salad
Kodai Viswa - Black bean salad with roasted capsicum

Fiona - Mackarel Salad
Asha - Okra and Spiced Yogurt Salad

Sandhya - Pasta Salad
Sandhya - Bean and veggie Salad

Mirjana/Mimihu - Chaos Salad
Nisha - Fresh Chickpea Salad

Cool Lassie - Motley Mix Salad
Cool Lassie - Avocado N Roasted Pepper Salad

Cool Lassie - Ball and Bundles Salad
Cool Lassie - Immunity Boosting Salad

Suma - Greengram sprouts salad
Latha - Veggie Peanut Salad

Saraswathi - Fresh Fruit Salad
Swapna - Salad with Fruits

Saraswathi - Kosambari
Saraswathi - Gram with Pomo Salad

Nithu bala - Honey Fruits Salad
Pina Colada - Salad De Glorious

Turmeric and Spice - Spring in a Bowl
Nithu Bala - Mixed Vegetables and Fruits Salad

Usha - Chickpeas salad
N.S - Fruit Salad with herbs

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  1. Dear,
    Excellent roundup. All healthy salads in one post I must say. As for me, one salad that caught my eye was Ushanandini's "Green chickpeas salad". Gorgeous Presentation!
    Would you be interested in participating in a giveaway happening at my space right now? There are plenty of choice items - pots, pans, cups and saucers, even mortar and pestle. Check it out when you get a chance.

  2. That's a great roundup... I found so many salads to try :)

  3. Good job Divya....feeling fresh seing so many healthy dishes....

  4. Wonderful round up Divya..get to lot of new salad varieties..great job Dear..

  5. Healthy and colorful round-up!
    Divya, where is my Mixed salad? :)

  6. That would be great for summer, all those salad! Lovely round-up!

  7. Lovely and colorful round up.. Awesome job!!

  8. Wow What a great way to start summer!!! So many salad varieties!!!
    Very well done.

  9. Wow...whole bunch of colorful stop shop..have to try out all...gr8 roundup.

  10. Such an array of salads.Beautifully rounded up.

  11. Fantastic roundup, I actually was planning to buy few books on salads, now i rather just drop by your blog whenever I need to try a new salad recipe :)

  12. Whata lovely roundup!!! So many recipe to try out:)

  13. Lovely roundup Dhivya !! lot to pick for this summer here !!

  14. Great round up Divya, but u missed mine :(


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