Oct 14, 2011

Monthly Mingle - Scintillating Salads Roundup

Hello All,
Am back with the roundup for the event Monthly Mingle - Scintillating Salads. I received several delicious and healthy salads great for every meal. Here comes the roundup!

Olga Arlegan - Lentil Salad

Deepika Anand - Tricolored Pasta Salad


Tandy Sinclair - Cabbage Salad

Lauren Hairston - Technicolor Vegetable Salad

Vaishali Sabnani - Zesty Fruit Salad

Anu Anand - Spicy Asian Salad

Mythreyi - Watermelon Salad

Hope you enjoy all these lovely salads..
Happy Salad Munching..


Thanks for dropping by my blog and rendering your valuable comments..Hope you had a nice time reading my recipes..Thanks for your encouragement..

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