Jun 23, 2010

Oats and Wheat Bran Instant Idly

This is the healthiest idlies can get. This idly needs no fermentation and can be made instantly. I made this by modifying the recipes here and here. The normal idly is made healthier by the addition of oats, what bran and flax seeds. The recipe can be modified according to the ingredients available. The best part is that the mix can be prepared and stored in the fridge and can be made into idlies just by making the batter with the addition of yogurt. The idlies turned out really soft and nutty.

Ingredients (yields around 16-18 idlies)
Old fashioned oats - 2 cups
Sooji/Semolina/Rava - 1 cup
Oat bran / Wheat bran - 1/2 cup
Flax seeds - 2 teaspoons (optional)
Plain yogurt - 3 cups
Oil - 1 teaspoon
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
Urad dal - 1 teaspoon
Channa dal - 1 teaspoon
Curry leaves - 1 sprig
Cashews - 5-6 broken into small pieces
Ginger - 1/2 inch finely chopped
Green chillies - 1 finely chopped
Baking soda - 1 teaspoon
Coriander leaves - 2 spoons finely chopped
Salt to taste

Note: Always keep the oats:sooji ratio 2:1. The oat bran or wheat bran is optional. You could replace it with sooji if you do not have them. The flax seeds can also be replaced with flax seed meal and can also be skipped.
In a saucepan, dry roast the old fashioned oats on medium heat for about 4 to 5 minutes until it gets nicely toasted and turns slightly brown in color. Take care it does not burn by stirring it.

Remove the oats to a plate and allow it to cool down. Powder it into a coarse mixture by pulsing it a few times in a blender/mixer. Do not make it into a fine powder. It needs to be in the same texture as the sooji.

In the same saucepan, add the oil and do the tempering with the cashews, mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, ginger, green chillies and curry leaves.

Add the sooji/semolina and roast it for about 2 to 3 minutes on low heat until it gets toasted. Take care it doesnt burn. Add the flax seeds,salt and wheat/oats bran and toast it for a minute.
At this point the prepared mixture can be combined with the powdered oats and stored in an airtight container once cooled. This mixture can be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks and can be made into idlies later.
To make the idlies:
Add the baking soda and the yogurt to the required amount of the mixture and make a thick batter. Pour into greased idli molds and steam for about 8 minutes.
Leave it in the molds for a minute and remove with a spoon.

Serve warm with any chutney or idly-podi.

Since I made use of oats and wheat bran which sat in my pantry for days I am sending this to BB4: What's lurking in the kitchen hosted by Nupur.


  1. Yesterday I saw oats idli on Nupur(cinnamonhut) blog and today here that too with the addition of another healthy ingredient. Nice click and healthy recipe.

  2. hi divya ...
    1st comment to ur blog....ur having very nice n neat space with lovely recipes...
    i heard about oats idly but never tried ...but urs is more healthy version oats n bran combi..looks yummy too ..i must try this...
    if time permits do visit my blog

  3. மிகவும் சத்தான சிற்றுண்டி...

  4. These sound SO delicious and healthful! I love how the dry ingredients can be stored in the fridge for future use, too!

  5. This is a real treat for any health conscious. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looks very attractive n tempting!!!

  7. wow!!!!! really very very healthy and new recipe....nicely tried... thnx a lot 4 sharing...

  8. healthy idly dear....good idea dear..thanks for sharing

  9. thats a easy n healthy idli Divya, it looks soo soft

  10. A very delicious and healthy idlies.Idlies look very nice and fluffy.Thank you for sharing such a healthy recipe.

  11. Perfect......luv this healthy version.

  12. Hey the new template n looks is very nice and so the idly...

  13. Idlies looks super soft and spongy, very healthy breakfast..

  14. Really perfect & healthy dish..nice click..

  15. Divya, its a very heathy idly. Good for diabetic people and for us too. Gr8 pics. I loved that fluffy idlies.

  16. healthy idlis. creative thought divya to add oats and bran..

    Kairali sisters

  17. Healthy and Cute Idly..Looks so good..Will try it out !!

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  19. Idlis look super soft and spongy! Love that it requires no fermentation. Bookmarked!

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  21. Wow Divya, you just made a healthy thing even healthier! Great job :)


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