Jan 11, 2011

Blue Plate Lunch Counter and Soda Fountain, Portland, OR - Restaurant Review

Blue Plate Lunch Counter and Soda Fountain is a tiny, cute restaurant located in downtown Portland, OR. It is really really small with just four to five tables and the food is cooked right there in a small kitchen where you could look at your orders getting cooked.

We reached there after hearing some rave reviews from a few people we met and also after looking at some reviews on the web. We did not require any reservations and we were seated almost immediately. The menu was really small but really had some interesting stuff.

The highlight are the sodas they make themselves. They have an array of different flavors. We tried the Chai Bomb and Hawaiian Sunset and both were amazing.

For our lunch we ordered the Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich which was really comforting and perfect for the freezing weather we had that day. The tomato soup was delicious beyond words.

Our second entree was a Chicken Parmesan Sandwich with mashed potatoes. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the bread was big and crusty.

The entrees are priced at around $8 which was reasonable for the portions available. The sodas were the best.

We also had a chance to snap the following picture. Guy Fieri of Food Network fame spray paints a stencil in most of the restaurants featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.This was found on the wall next to our seats.

Blue Plate - Definitely worth the visit if you are in downtown Portland. A cozy lunch spot!


  1. heyy.. i live in redmond and portland is just 2 hours drive for us... will definitely visit this :)

  2. a very nice review.. especially chai bomb n hawaiian sunset caught my attention.. Will love to try them once!

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  3. nice one dear.. btw where in portland are u ?

  4. thats cool... I stay in Portland and visited LA for new year :)


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