Feb 26, 2008

Egg Plant/Brinjal Curry

I have an aversion to eggplants..So I use them only in preparing sambhars..My husband suggested this recipe and I tried it yesterday..It tasted really good..We had it with chapathis and it tastes good with pulao and ghee rice too..


Grind the following Ingredients

 1 medium sized onion
 3 pods of garlic
 Cilantro and curry leaves a few sprigs
 1 tomato medium sized
 3 green chillies
 Turmeric powder, a pinch
 Chilly powder 1 teaspoon
 Cinnamon, cloves and cardamom

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in pressure cooker and fry a big sized sliced onion..Then, add around 8 to 10 cut small brinjals or 3 large eggplants..
After frying for 2 minutes, add the ground paste and fry for a minute.
Now add 1 tablespoon coriander powder and 1/2 teaspoon Jeera/Cumin seeds powder and salt, keep frying for a minute.
Take care to add a tablespoon of water if it gets sticky when frying the above.
Now, close the cooker and leave the cooker to give one whistle.

In the end after opening the cooker, add a tablespoon of beaten curd and add some chopped coriander leaves.

The dish is ready to serve....Enjoy !

This goes off to Vegetable Of the Week - Brinjal hosted by Pooja..


  1. That is really a lovely entry Divya ,
    Lovely way to cook Baingan in cooker.
    I too make the same dish adding potato cubes , and not using onion, if i can make it i will share it this month .
    thanks a lot for sharing and participating.

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  3. hi there, you mentioned a ground paste in this recipe. But, there are no indications of what is to be ground. Could you kindly provide some information on that?


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