Mar 28, 2008

Radish - Carrot Paratha

I dont like radish much because of its smell and taste..But when I had this radish paratha which my Mother-in-law prepared I fell in love with it and now I prepare this often at home..
It is nutritious too because I use whole wheat flour to make the parathas..Radish is a source of dietary fibre, antioxidants, and minerals.I also add carrot which is a good source of Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A..Hence I feel this is indeed a Balanced Breakfast..
Here goes the recipe..



Radish - 2 big ones (white variety )
Carrot - 2
Whole wheat flour - 4 cups or as per requirement
Chilli powder - 2 teaspoons
Salt to taste


Grate the radish and the carrots coarsely..Add 2 teaspoons of salt and mix well..Allow it to rest for about half an hour..This will ooze out the water from the radish..
Strain the excess water from the radish-carrot mixture..Add the chilli powder and mix well.
Now start adding the wheat flour and keep kneading with hand.
You will need wheat flour depending on the water content of the radish..So if you feel there is excess water in the radish squeeze the water out before adding the wheat flour..
Knead until you get an elastic soft dough similar to that of chapathis..
Leave it aside for half an hour.Make big balls with the dough..It should be bigger than that of chappatis..
Sprinkle some flour on the counter and dip the dough ball in some flour and roll it using a rolling pin to about 7 inches diameter..
In a non stick pan or iron skillet cook the parathas on one side..Add little oil and then flip it to the other side..You will need to cook about 2 to 3 minutes on each side..
Serve hot with pickle and yoghurt ..It even tastes delicious with tomato ketchup and yoghurt..

This goes of to WBB#20 - Balanced Breakfast hosted by Mansi..
Also sending these to Srivallis Roti Mela



  1. I love muli parathas Divya! thanks for sending them in for WBB:)

  2. the paratha looks perfect, Divya! Wonderful entry. WBB indeed!

  3. never heard abt this one divya:)but looks so tempting..great entry

  4. Never tasted before but definetly will try. Great healthy entry

  5. thats a healthy combination divya..nice entry:)

  6. Nice entry and a different recipe. Healthy choice dhivya.

  7. Healthy and nutritious paratha.Great entry.

  8. lovel parathas...they look very good...

  9. Muli Parathas are real yum yum! At my place its definet on menu once a month atleast, easy & healthy too :-)

  10. Good one Divya. Even I make them regularly. Actually I use the water drained from the radish to mix the flour, it does not smell at all, because I add garam masala powder. Moreover I sautee the radish for a couple of minutes, so that it does not have the raw smell. You can also do the same thing using suraikai (bottlegourd) also.

  11. Hehehe...I am also like you, dont like the smell of radish..yet to try out the muli parathas

  12. That is a very nutritious paratha and yummy too.

  13. adding carrots to mooli paratha is a great idea divya

  14. Lovely recipe Divya, I too dont like raddish paranthas but the addition of carrots sounds interesting should try this


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