Mar 24, 2008

Tangy Panaka for MBP...

I know I am rushing in to send in my entry for the MBP - Mixed Drinks hosted by Sig this month..
I did not have any idea of sending one because I thought it was too late..When I saw that Sig has extended the deadline for the event I decided to send one..I came across the recipe of this sweet and tangy Panaka in Asha's Aroma I wanted to try it..It is getting hotter here in California and we prefer to have drinks like these rather than having tea and coffee..


Here goes the recipe for this wonderful drink..
I prepared exactly the same way..I loved the idea of adding brown sugar or jaggery which gave the sweet taste to this ginger sherbet..
I had only dark brown sugar in hand and this gave a dark colour to the drink..
It indeed looked like some cola drink..


Take about 4 tablespoons of jaggery/brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of cardamom, and about an inch of crushed ginger in a vessel..Add half cup of water to this and crush the ingredients with your hand until you get a smooth paste..
Add two cups of water and lemon juice from one large lemon..You can adjust the sweetness according to your taste..
Serve chilled with a slice of ginger and lemon..
Thanks Asha for this great recipe..



  1. Looks cola and lemon , simple and refreshing :)

  2. its indeed a refreshing drink divya:))

  3. Asha's recipes never dissapoint you. Panaka is always welcome ;)..wanna grab that lota and drink :D

  4. Divya,this is my fave drinks, in native its served on rathotsav days, my school vactions were incomplete without the native trip during 'Teru'-and especially this drink. Thks for sharing, for evoking those lovely festive memories..Asha Rocks!

  5. thats a nice combination and refreshing too..good entry:)

  6. This looks so beautiful, I am going to try it.

  7. thats a lovely drink..this is quite similar to "panaham"what we tamilians make on ramnavami..

  8. Nice idea..Thank you for trying and letting it ithis for MBP.

  9. Panak is a refreshing drink & sure in summer it feels even better.. Hot in California - which we had some sunshine here :-( Its still so cold & windy!!

  10. looks so good, so refreshing, Divya!

  11. That looks so refreshing! I love panakam.

  12. Cham,Dhivya and lg - yes they were really refreshing..

    Purnima - nice to know this drink made u nostalgic.

    Saswati - Thanks for dropping by dear..

    Vegeyum - do try for sure and let me know how it turned out

    Sowmya,Lavi - Yes it was really good..

    Seema - yes it is getting hotter day by day..Around 80 degrees..

    Uma,Kamala,Trupti,Laavanya - yes it was indeed refreshing..Do try it sometime

  13. Can i have a glass of that refreshing drink? Looks gr8!

  14. I've only heard of this drink thro' a few blogs.It sounds like a must-try.:)

  15. We make panakam for Rama sure is a refreshing drink.

  16. Panakam is the perfect summer cooler, love it! Thanks for this entry divya!


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