Sep 19, 2008

Tomato Soup

This is a spicy tomato soup which can be had during any time of the day and perfect with breadsticks..We had this for dinner along with garlic bread and it served a meal in itself.It can be had when one is down with cold..Here is the recipe..


Tomatoes - 4 or 5
Onions - 1 small size
Red Bell pepper - 1 (optional)
Garlic - 2 cloves
Ginger - 1/2 inch
Chilli powder - 1 teaspoon
Bay leaf - 1
Cloves - 2
Salt and pepper to taste
Butter - spoon
Tomato ketchup - 1 tablespoon (optional)


Heat the butter in a large saucepan, add the bay leaf and cloves and saute for a minute.Then add the chopped ginger,garlic,onion and saute until they soften.

Then add the bell pepper,chopped tomatoes, chilli powder, salt and pepper and bring them to a boil..Simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes until it turns mushy..

Discard the bay leaf and cloves and transfer the ingredients to a blender.Blend it into a smooth paste..Strain again if needed..Stir in the tomato ketchup..

Serve hot with croutons or bread/soupsticks of your choice...

Sending this to WYF:Salads/Starters/Soups hosted by EC..

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  1. Love the color DIvya..soup Comes out perfect.

  2. Looks different and tasty ur soup Div :) quiet a nice filling indeed!

  3. Quite filling soup.Can feel the warmth of the soup

  4. Nice comforting soup Divya. Nice color and click

  5. Oh the bell peppers must have added so much flavor! looks yum...i can imagine dipping crusty garlic bread in it on cold, wintery nights. soup is such a perfect meal when you are down, isn't it?

  6. the soup looks so refreshing divya!

  7. lovely divya .. i havent tatsed it with red bell pepper .. sounds great

  8. I love soups, yours looks very filling and comforting.

  9. Thats a different kind of tomato soup worth a try. Looks delicious.

  10. nice soup and nice color. I prepare the same way but what I do is after straining, I again bring the liquid to boil adding some more water for tht xtra thickness. You'r sure looks good.

  11. I love all those spices you have in there...and the ketchup. Very nice, Divya.

  12. This looks so creamy...waiting for winter to begin to start making soups, have bookmarked a lot of varieties to try out...Thanks for all these lovely entries to the event

  13. Nice comforting soup Divya.Love the color.
    There is small treat for u at my blog:)

  14. Very nice colour and texture... looks yummy:)

  15. This is my kind of tomato soup ... i have a similar post too :)

  16. I always loves to have tomato soup,Yours looks yummiiyyy...will try it soon DV

  17. Sounds delicious. This is my kind of food and now it's getting colder so I bookmarked this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  18. u churn up so many good soups divs... cool...never tried bell pepper


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