Jul 7, 2008

Red and Yellow Bell Pepper Soup

I had a couple of red and yellow bell pepper soup waiting to be used up..Decided to prepare a soup for dinner..It was too good..The nice orange colour was too appealing..I loved the creamy texture of the soup the bell peppers yielded..I had it with homemade garlic bread..Here goes the recipe..


Red pepper - 1
Yellow pepper - 1
Onion - 1 small sized
Garlic - 1 clove chopped roughly
Olive oil - 1 spoon
Heavy cream - 3 spoons
Dried oregano - 1 /2 teaspoon (optional)
Salt and pepper


Broil the peppers and peel them..
In a pan heat the olive oil and add the garlic and onions..Saute till they turn transclucent..Add the peppers and saute for a while..Transfer all the ingredients to a blender and grind till a smooth consistency is obtained..
Bring the mixture back to the pot..
Stir in the heavy cream,salt and pepper..You can add any dried herbs..It adds more flavor..I added a little oregano..

Garnish with cream and serve hot with any bread of your choice.

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I found a lot of red and yellow bell peppers in season in my place..Sending this off to Eating with the seasons..


  1. Great color! I made a similar one for Pooja's event too, love the taste!:))

  2. Soup looks great, lovely color too!!!!

  3. Lovely colour! I saw a similar recipe in discovery channel, but never got to make it! Thanks:)

  4. yummy looking soup, Divya! And a new recipe for me..

  5. Love the color Divya..Soup looks divine

  6. Yeah really nice color!! nice simple soup

  7. Wonderful soup! I love bell peppers and us ethem a lot so this I could just eat right now. :-)

  8. Fantastic colour Divya.Looks delicious and sounds healthy too

  9. Very colorful soup, sounds very simple with very few ingredients. I made a similar recipe but with roasted red peppers turned out great.

  10. Loved the colour and creamy look of the soup

  11. rich, beautiful colour... i have similar soup posted in my blog with red pepper and tomatoes.

  12. Hi Divya, just like everyone else says, it is a lovely and bright colour. I am sure it tastes as good. Nice combo too with garlic bread:-)

  13. looking very nice Divya, though not sure about the taste. I have all color capsicum in my fridge. will try tomorrow :).


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