Jul 1, 2010

Show Me Your Smoothie Roundup

Here are cool, refreshing and colorful ideas to pep up your summer! Thanks to everyone for sending in your entries for Show Me Your Smoothie event. Hope you all enjoy these refreshing smoothies and juices during summer.
Also do check out the current event!

Cool Lassi - Blackberry topped Mango Lassi
Cool Lassi - Strawberry Nutella and Yogurt Smoothie

Amrita - Tangy pear cooler
Cool Lassi - Traffic Light Smoothie

Amrita - Peachy Mango Smoothie
Amrita - Pineapple Lychee Smoothie

Kiran - Granola Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Kiran - Oats and Fruits Smoothie with POM

PS - Pina Colada Smoothie
Rachana - Avocado Pineapple Smoothie

Denny - Pina Colada Smoothie
Denny - Tofruiti Smoothie
Denny - Honey Berry Smoothie

Avanthi Rao - Mango Lassi
Avanthi Rao - Badam Milkshake

Indrani - Oats and Mango Smoothie
Sonal Agarwal - Nirvana
Avanthi Rao - Apple Milkshake

Indrani - Honey Prune Juice Smoothie
Sushma Pinjala - Kiwi and Apple Milkshake

Richa - Almond Saffron Milk
Richa - Mango Strawberry Smoothie

Swathi - Pineapple Milkshake
PJ - Choco Oats Banana Milkshake
Kavya Naimish - Lemonade

Umm Mymoonah - Summer in a glass
Suma Gandlur - Mango Berry Nut Smoothie
Bhagi - Watermelon and Icecream Cooler

Sanyukhta Gour - Watermelon and Pineapple Juice
Roopam Garg - Mango Lassi

Kairali Sisters - Spiced Buttermilk
Gayathri - Strawberry Vanilla Smoothie

AdukalaVishesham - Mango Lassi
AdukalaVishesham - Choco Banana Berry Twist
Simply food - Milkshakes

Roopam Garg - Mango Milkshake
Esra Gules - Blueberry Bliss

Dolly Karthik - Bournvita Milkshake
Niloufer Riyaz - Sinful mango Smoothie

Niloufer Riyaz - Strawberry yogurt Smoothie
Muskaan - Mixed Berries & Pineapple Smoothie

Jay - Carrot Kheer
Akheela Hisham - Hibiscus Tea

Akheela Hisham - Watermelon juice
Nisha - Pink Lemonade
Kavya Naimish - Carrot Orange Juice

Rekha Sobhan - Mango Berry Smoothie
Priya - Jackfruit Smoothie

Priya - Raspberry Oats Smoothie
PS - Avocado Banana Smoothie

Sukanya - Aam Panna
Nandini - Avocado Smoothie
Jay - Badam Milk

Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal - Kaju aur Pista ki Thandai
Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal - Almonds - Fennel Seeds - Honey Milkshake

Az - Chikoo Milkshake
Deepthi - Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Jay - Banana Milkshake
Amrita / Rannaghor-Theke - Strawberry mint Smoothie

Sukanya - Tropical Smoothie
Mrudula - Coffee Banana Smoothie

Menaga - Banana Kiwi Orange Smoothie
Menaga - Strawberry Smoothie

Suganthi - Strawberry Banana Almond Smoothie
Karunya - Strawberry Smoothie
Karunya - Watermelon Milkshake

Kavya Naimish - Strawberry Cooler
Kavya Naimish - Raw Mango Juice

Nitha Kurumboor Jayasanker - Banana-Watermelon-Smoothie &Watermelon-Orange-Punch
Sangeetha - Watermelon Cooler

Sangeetha - Watermelon Soda
Sangeetha - Cantaloupe Peach Almond Smoothie

Cool Lassi - Apple Banana Smoothie with Strawberry
Sanyukta Gour - Almond Milkshake


  1. A very colorfu and delicious roundup of smoothies to soothe us this summer.

  2. wonderful roundup divya...refreshing page..lots of colorful entries..i think u missed posting my second entry-almond milkshake...

  3. I have to go drink something cool now after just looking at all this gorgeousness here! LOL!

  4. truly a feast for eyes and great to beat the summer heat.. good work divya..

  5. That is one fundo roundup to keep. What thurst-quenching drinks !!!

  6. wow. very colourful. Divya you have done a very good job.

  7. I was just planning to make some smoothie and I have tons of ideas now.

  8. wow ,we can see somany colorful delicious smoothies at one time ..nice round up divya..

  9. Looks so good :)) Will try one one recipe daily.
    Thanks to you and all !!!

  10. cool cool roundup :)
    bt here summer gone and started raining will try these next time :)

  11. Hey Divya...!
    congrats dear...this is a lovely roundup...Real treat of smoothies here..!

  12. Amazing roundup, so happy to see so many smoothies..

  13. Wow Awesome round-up. Just the very sight is refreshing and made me cool. Lovely pics.
    Kudos to all the contributors and to u for organising.

  14. colorful and delicious roundup of smoothies!!

  15. beautiful presentation...all delicious recipes at one page...yummy...!

  16. Great round up Divya..Perfect place to land up when you are confused what to make for a drink..


  17. Wow!! All the cool recipes in one place. Book marked...

  18. Great round-up, D!! Some of those look beyond delicious!

  19. What a cool roundup... inspired to try to make a smoothie

  20. Oh I missed this smoothie event. I am always making some or the other kind of smoothie. May be next time. The smoothie collections looks fantastic!

  21. missed the event..but great round up...

  22. Perfect for this summer!great round up.


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