Jul 19, 2010

What's on my Fridge Door?

Show Me Your Refrigerator is the ongoing event here in my blog. Almost every kitchen has a refrigerator and I thought it would be fun peeking into each others kitchen. All you need to do is snap a picture of your refrigerator. It can be anything related to your fridge - be it the front door, freezer or even the contents inside the fridge, vegetable crisper, freezer door etc.

Here is mine!
It has a magnetic notepad in the lower left corner to note down my grocery list, some magnets collected as souvenirs during our trips, some fun Yahoo! emoticons, and a paper butterfly..

Now it is your turn to show me yours!!

Last date to send in your entries - July 30th.
Check here for more details.
Non-bloggers can email me your photos and I shall include them in the roundup..


  1. Cute Magnets..especially the Minnie..I had sent in my entry...Happy Hosting !!!

  2. wow, you have cool refrigerator. I love those cute stickers and idea of having a magnetic note pad..

  3. I have a crazy fridge magnet collection too..let me see if I can make it look pretty and send you a snap,heheh.

  4. urs look so neater than mine! neways i'll send u mine soon :)

  5. thts so cute..love yahoo emoticons...neat and clean..let me try and send u some snaps..

  6. Those are cute looking smileys...

  7. Blessings......

    hmmmmm....I'll see and get back to yah. Have a good day

  8. interesting will try to send my refrigerator door !;)

  9. i liked the magnetic notepad. whr did u get it frm divya


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