Jul 8, 2008

Chile Releno Bake

I love mexican food especially because they are spicy..I found this recipe in a tin of canned refried beans..It made an easy and quick Sunday brunch..I topped with hot sauce to make it even more spicier..Here goes the recipe..

Ingredients (Serves 4) 

Refreied beans - 1 can
Eggs - 3
Parmesan cheese - 3/4 cup(or any variety of cheese would do)
Milk - 2 teaspoons
Jalapeno /Any chile - 3


Take a baking dish and spray with nonstick cooking oil..Or cover a baking dish with parchment/aluminum foil..This makes the cleaning easier..Preheat oven to 350 degrees..

In a vessel whisk the eggs along with the milk..Spread the refried beans evenly on the baking dish with a spatula..Top the beans with sliced jalapeno or chile..Alternatively sprinkle some chilli powder..Top with half the egg mixture..Sprinkle half the cheese..Again top with the remaining egg mixture followed by the remaining cheese..

Bake for about 30 minutes until the cheese is browned..

Slice into squares and serve with hot sauce..

The voting for Open Sesame 2 event is still going on..If you like my apple pie vote for me here..

I received the following awards from Srishkitchen, Skribles,  Suma,Uma, Hetal..


Thanks a lot friends..I pass it on to every blogger who has inspired me since my venture into cooking began..

The refried beans being rich in protein am sending this to Eat Healthy Protein rich contest

Also sending this to Archana's One dish meal event


  1. Looking absolutely delicious Divya..Mouthwatering..Hats off Girl..trying lot of new dishes

  2. mouth watering divs!!!i love mexican food too because of its spiciness and flavor...this one sounds interesting ..love the taste of refried beans...congrats on ur awards :)

  3. Double whammy! Looks mouthwatering. I love those recipes come on the cans too, easy and always yummy. Good one DV, I will try this after I come back home!:)

  4. Oh, enjoy all your awards, hugs!:)

  5. This looks lovely my hubby loves refried beans and would wolf this down! :-D

  6. woo..its simple and quick recipe..good try

  7. Hi divya wonderful recipe. its new to me.

  8. My love double when it is spicy! It is fantastic the chile Releno!

  9. What a lovely meal with a few ingredients.Loved it and bookmarked.

  10. at first I thought it is baklava, he he! Looks delicious Divya! Congrats on all the well deserved awards.

  11. congrats fo the award..looks delicious..new for me,..

  12. I too have something for u on my blog

  13. how cool - this is on my list to be made.

  14. Very nice recipe, looks gooooood. Congratulations on ur awards dear :)))

  15. divya, that looks delicious!! wow, it mustve tasted heavenly hot out of the oven!! it sure look fantastic!

    congrats on ur awards!

  16. Hey divya any suggestion how i can make this eggles...? my hubby hates egg.... but loves refried beans..:P

    Can i use lasagna sheets... will it alter the taste a lot??.. this looks somewhat like lasagna..


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