Jul 16, 2008

Sweet Corn Soup

I love sweet corn soup..In my childhood days,this was the only soup I used to have whenever I go to a restaurant..So decided to create it at home..Here goes the simple recipe..


Butter - 2 tablespoons
Onion - 1 medium chopped
All- Purpose flour - 2 tablespoons
Fresh or frozen corn kernels - 2 cups
Carrot - 1/4 cup cut into matchsticks.
Chicken broth or stock - 1 cup(can be replaced by water)
Milk - 2 cups
Coriander/parseley - 2 teaspoons chopped
Black pepper and salt to taste
Jalapeno salsa (optional)


In a large casserole combine the butter and the onion..Microwave on high for 1 minute or until the onion is tender..Stir in the flour to form a paste..stir in corn,carrot and broth..Cover and microwave on high for 8 minutes or until heated through.Add salt and pepper to taste..Garnish with coriander or cilantro..
To get a creamy corn soup blend the broth and corn together leaving some corn kernels for garnish..
Stir in the salsa for a spicier option..

Sending this to Dhivya's AWED: Chinese

And also to Srivalli's MEC:Soups and Stews


  1. Wow my fav soup Divya...looks delicious!!!

  2. I love sweet corn soup, looks delicous Div the MW version!

  3. just like u said, this again brings back memories!! i used to buy the knorr corn soup mixes all the time...i will make this sometime soon! thanks for the recipe :-)

  4. this is simply gr8..lovely sweet corn soup ..that too made in microwave..wow!!!i have never cooked anything in MW other than heating or defrosting..soup seems to be a gr8 to start it..nice entries:)

  5. i luv this soup a lot...good MW entry divya..

  6. Always loved sweet corn soup, Divya. This looks delicious- can't wait to try it out, maybe with vegetable stock?

  7. This looks absolutely delicious Divs. Round up coming up in few minutes :)


  8. I adored sweet corn soup as a kid, and now it's my little one's favourite.
    The MW recipe is very helpful, thanks dear:)

  9. It's my favorite too Divya. Good that you reminded me, it's long time since I made this.

  10. this is my fav soup divya.....love it

  11. sweet corn soup is my favourite too..but with chicken,..:-),..ur version looks yummy..

  12. I was looking for this recipe.Will try soon...

  13. I am making lots of soups at home these days..will try this next and bookmarking it too.

  14. It's my favorite too Divya. Soup looks delicious.....Bookmarked it..

  15. When it comes to ordering soup at a restaurant I don't think beyond sweet corn soup - LOL

  16. I like it too! thanks for the easy and yummy soup Divya!

  17. hmm I never tried corn soup, but looking at the picture now I want to. Corn is there in my fridge. will try this once. Nice post for the evnt. Good one.

  18. did i ever tell u i love sweet corn soups... they r so heavenly and this one looks so perfect yaa

  19. Divya, that looks yummy..thanks for the lovely entry!

  20. this recipe seems super easy.. can i omit all purpose flour? will it make a difference?

  21. This is a fantastic soup. We love it. Check this out and let me know how I did.



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