Feb 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Recipes

Everyone is pretty excited about Valentine's Day! Even though we don't celebrate Valentine's Day as such, I make it a point to cook something cute and romantic just to make the day memorable. Here are a few such recipes which are easy to make, look pretty and appealing!

Valentine's Day is all about hearts and these little heart shaped cookies take you back to your childhood where "little heart" biscuits where a treat to munch on! Sorry, the picture doesn't do any justice to the recipe. This picture was taken long back when i had zero photography skills :( These taste really delicious with that hint of lemon!

Gulab Jamuns are our all time favorite! And the picture talks for itself. Who can ignore these luscious gulab jamuns!

No one would like slaving around the stove cooking an elaborate meal or dessert. This two-minute coffee cake sure gives a quick fix to your coffee and dessert cravings in just under two minutes!! Yes two minutes! Go dig in!
 These clafoutis sure look romantic with all those cherries in there! Do check them out. Makes a great dessert after a sumptious meal!

Coconut and sugar cannot go wrong!  This pretty looking sweet coconut puffs looks exotic and makes a tasty snack along with your evening tea!
These blueberry muffins are delicious just by themselves or slathered with some butter! Give your other half some goodness with these blueberry muffins!
Chocolate and nuts in the form of cookies can never go wrong. these cute little cookies can be made in the shape of hearts and these would definitely woo your other half!

 Moving on to some savory dishes, these cheese stuffed jalapenos make a great appetizer for any meal!
These soft pretzels resemble hearts and they are cute to be rejected by anyone!
These italian bruschettas look pretty dressed up with the tomato sauce, cheese and a basil leaf. They look so gourmet!
This is one healthy fingerfood with all the goodness of asparagus!!
This has always been a hit at my place. It is an indianized version made with curried potatoes and other veggies.
What are you cooking for your Valentine?


  1. Your heart shaped crispies looks so great! I was planning to do these when I saw maisoncupcake by Sarah!!


  2. Divya U are inspiring me to make something for valentine :-) . I was not able to visit any blog as my service provider was down, but now after seeing these yummy treats I should straight go to kitchen.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. Wow..Superb stuff...Divya...
    All the stuff is looking so delicious and yummy that it is making me hungry.......Happy Valentine's Day to u too...
    Best Wishes & May God bless u always with Happiness and Good Health

  4. awesome collection divya.. have bookmarked some of them

  5. wonderful recipe divya..all are very inviting!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Your creations look great and very enticing!

  7. Awesome spread, everything looks absolutely inviting..U r inspiring me to make something on V Day..

  8. Great collection! The heart-shaped crispies looks so good!

  9. Superb Stuff! I need to try out some of the recipes here :)

  10. like all recipes, coffee cake is superb!

  11. You have given a whole lot of creative and delicious ideas to celebrate V day! Have a great week ahead, Divya.

  12. My mouth is watering after watching these yummy pictures..Looks so delicious.

  13. Great V-day collections Divya! We had quite a sumptuous treat on V-day. Photos on the blog :)

  14. Little heart cookie. yummyyyyy


  15. wow, wow, wow, yummilicious recipes for v-day dear. Happy V Day Divya :)

  16. wow!!awesome recipes for the valentines day!!!

  17. Those are wonderful dishes for Valentine's day. I saw it a bit late. There is always a next time.


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