Mar 16, 2009

Apple - Almond Salad

We visited the Grand Canyon last weekend.. It was an amazing experience to visit one of the natural wonders of the world. We had a memorable smooth water float trip over the river Colorado running through the canyon. It was great to see the layers of rocks forming the canyon. Overall, it was a memorable trip which will remain in our memories forever.
After the amazing weekend, I felt too lazy to cook an elaborate meal. Also, after eating out a lot, I felt I needed a something very simple. I had not done the week's shopping, so had no vegetables in hand. i just whipped up this simple salad which was filling and light. The salad has a sweet and sour taste. it is filled with the goodness of apples and almonds. The ingredients can be varied according to ones taste.
Apple - 1
Slivered almonds/Sliced almonds - 2 tablespoons
Vinegar - 1 teaspoon
Olive oil - 1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper
Chop the apples into small cubes. Shredd the lettuce and cabbage.
Combine together the apples, cabbage, lettuce, almonds. Cover and refridgerate until chilled.
Prepare the simple yet delicious dressing with the olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper.
Toss the dressing along with the chilled salad.

Sending this to Think Spice..Think pepper event being hosted in my blog and brainchild of Sunita.

And also to Go Nuts-Almonds hosted at Tasty Treats


  1. This sounds heavenly. I'm going to make a variation tonight!

  2. Simple n healthy Salad Divya..:)
    Guess u had an awesome time there at Canyon..:)I am also looking forward to visit there..:)

  3. Like the fuity & nutty salad. I liked the Grand canyon too, natural wonder!

  4. Lovely salad Divya..I too prefer such one-bowl meals.Apple and almond sounds like a great combo.and hey why dont you send it to JZ who's hosting this months lets go nuts-almonds..just a thought!!

  5. what a simple and tasty salad... will add apples next time i make salad...

    send the pics of ur GC trip.

  6. wow u must have had a good time at the Canyon and Vegas.I'm into soups and salad big time and this will be a good variation for me.Thanks

  7. Grand! I' sure you guys had a ball :) Yeah whenever you eat out too much, something light and refreshing like this is the remedy :)

  8. yummy..good to know you had a great time..

  9. aren't you sending this to yourself? :)

  10. A perfect fruity n nutty salad...

  11. Awesome fruity n nutty salad, looks great..

  12. Thanks....the salad seems interesting, simple and delicious. Keep on with more interesting entries.

  13. Nice and healthy salad..Will try this one :)

  14. healthy salad,sounds interesting:)

  15. Wow this is a delicious salade and really healthy too.

  16. This looks great. I love almonds (and apples!) so this is perfect for me!

  17. hey divya this looks awesome...yumm yum

  18. Grand Canyon is one of our fav. places. we spent 12 days there.. loved every moment of it.

    Love fruity nutty salads like this.

  19. Thats a delicious and healthy salad...looks yumm.

  20. woo looks perfect.. a small treat for u on my blog..

  21. Good to know you had a wonderful trip. How was the climate??
    Salad looks great...

  22. Salad looks delightful ! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip :-)

  23. Hi DV..Howz your India Visit?I am enjoying here with my ltl one and amma..Hope you had wonderful time too.IBW nice looking simple yet satisfying meal.

  24. first of all, love the new look of the blog...

    the salad sounds delicious, divya! thanks for sending it to my event...

  25. I was hoping to see some pictures of the canyon. The salad sounds amazing.

  26. I make this with cabbage and carrots. The almonds sound good in it!

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  28. Nice cool salad with a great combo...


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