Aug 13, 2009

Show Me Your Omelette! and the winner.

After the events of Show Me Your Breakfast and Show Me Your Sandwich am here with another event for the month. Omelettes are something which are liked by everyone. There are umpteen number of variations that could be done in a simple omelette recipe to make it more tastier and healthier. Omelettes are easier to make and can make a meal in a matter of minutes. They make a part of comfort food too. They can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So bring out your creativity in making omelettes in a more tastier, healthier and nutritious way!
I know this is an event in which vegetarians cannot participate. but will come with an event next month for you guys.

All you have to do is,

Cook an omelette of any kind. It can be a simple omelette with salt and pepper or anything exotic with additions to the humble egg.
Take a picture of your omelette. The recipe actually does not matter as it is anyways going to be simple. Just mention the ingredients used in it.
Email me a picture of your omelette with the following details to divyablogs[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Picture of your omelette:
Post URL:

You can send in any number of entries. If you sending me old entries, please re-post them and link back to this announcement.

Feel free to use the logo. Non-bloggers can send in your details by e-mail.

Last date for the event is September 20th.

Now coming to the announcement of the winner of Show Me Your Breakfast event. You might have seen a poll in my blog for the past few days. The winner is Lubna Karim of Kitchen Flavors. Congratulations Lubna! Your gift will reach you shortly.
And a big thanks to everyone who voted.

Also please note that you have a few weeks more for sending in your entries for Cooking For Kids:Evening Snacks.

And advance Independence Day wishes to all my friends!!


  1. Nice event Divya... will try to send in some entries... and wishes to Lubna - The winner ... but the poll was for show me your sandwich or show me your breakfast.

  2. @ Padma,
    The poll was for Show me Your Breakfast. I had mentioned it wrong.Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Very nice event dear. Will send u something special.

  4. show me ur!!
    that was so cute..will wish lubna personally :)

  5. cool pic! look at that! Will not be able to participate but will definitely follow up!

  6. Nice event again Divya! Congrats to Lubna!!

  7. Congrats to Lubna, again a nice event DIvya!

  8. Great event and the logo is so cute Divya..

  9. Nice event dear.....I ve something lying in my archive will surely sent it for the event...

    Lets celebrate Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi by participating in Festive food Events....For more details kindly follow the below mentioned link

  10. Thank you Divya for the was really nice participating and I came across so many new and innovative......healthy ideas....thank you to all the people who congratulated me here.....Iam honoured Divya. Will try to send in my omelette recipe soon......

  11. Hi
    please accept an award from my blog..

  12. Will send you my entry..this time I'll be on time..lolz!

  13. Thank you Divya for the event... Nice event... Will try to send soon....

  14. i still have to see all of your posts Divya.....
    will sure send in something...

  15. that was a indeed worthpraising event and entries. i wud like to have SIZZLING SIZZLERS EVENT on same pattern . thanks and look into the matter.

  16. Lol, this is a great event! I am in LOVE with the logo :P :) Unfortunately, I cant cook to save my life, so no participation from me! Sorry!

  17. It's a real cool event. Let see if I have some crazy delicious omelette to post. The logo is very cute Divya.

  18. :) Look how happy that egg is to get fried like that!

  19. Nice event... will send something...and
    Dear plz collect your awards form my blog....

  20. Hi Divya,
    Surprise fro you in my blog! you deserve it!!!

  21. hey divya liked the photo of the event...cho chweet ! nice event divya ! i must appreciate your spirit in hosting these events ! great ! will send something ! hey liked your template !

  22. Hi divya,
    Nice event...Just sent u my entry.

  23. Divya, How have you been? All the very best for your exams!

    I loved both of 'Show me your..' events. I created a new section for your event in my events& roundup page!..(

    As soon as you post an announcement or a roundup, will you send me the link, so that I can add it. :)



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