Aug 19, 2009

Show Me Your Sandwich Roundup

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the Show Me Your Sandwich event. After the huge success of Show me Your Breakfast event I was encouraged to continue with the series. And here is the roundup of Show Me Your Sandwich!
Pavithra - Pesto Sandwich
Shanthi Krishnakumar - Simple veg sandwich

Ramki - 1001 Rolls
Sadhana - Tomato Cabbage omelette wholegrain sandwich

Jyoti V - Shallow Fried Hot Dog
Jyoti V - Deep Fried Hot Dog

Valarmathi - Palak paneer sandwich
Sudeshna - Boiled egg sandwich

Sudeshna - Egg Sandwich
Sushma Mallya - Chutney sandwich

Saraswathi Iyer - Veg sandwich
Mriganayani - Eggplant panini

Sushma Mallya - Double Decker Bread Chat
EC - Potato Breadizza

Sudha - Pickled Chicken Tortilla
Kanchan - Bombay toast sandwich

Priya Suresh - Chicken n veggies tortilla sandwich
Priya Suresh - Scrambled eggs and broccoli sandwich

Minu - Bhujia Sev sandwich
Minu - Dutch Waffles

Nutan dodbele - Masala sandwich
Jyoti V - Open sandwich indian style

Lakshmi Venkatesh - Toast Sandwich
Arti Agarwal - Potato Sandwich

Saraswathi Iyer - Veg Sandwich Toast
Bergamot - Whey Olive Foccacia Open Sandwich

Deepti Srivastava - Samosa sandwich
Nisha - Moong Salad Wrap Sandwich

Shri - Cilantro pesto-hummus sandwich
Vaishali - Cucumber sandwiches

Aqua - Egg and Tomato Sandwich with Eggless Mayonnaise
Nithi - Mr and Mrs.Marie sandwiches

Nithi - Desi monaco sandwich
Divya Vikram - Egg Cheese English Muffin Sandwich

Divya Vikram - Vegetable Club Sandwich
Divya Vikram - Lavash Falafel Wrap

Divya Vikram - Bottlegourd Wraps
Faiza Ali - Club Sandwich

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  1. Great breakfasts! Lots of links to check :)

  2. Wow ...nice roundup dear.So many yummy sandwiches.
    And you know what dear, I had posted a sandwich on my blog for your event, and even sent an email..but by mistake I typed divyablog@gmail.I forgot the 's'(divyablog's') :( Which I just checked now,after I didn't see my entry. I know its all my mistake :(
    But, will try sending some recipes for your other events (without making an mistakes) :)

  3. pls collect ur Award from my blog dear....

  4. wow.. nice round up.. great recipes..nice clicks..

  5. Nice round up many types of Sandwiches..!

  6. Lovely round up.. sure it would help me to find a nice breakfast. :)

  7. Very nice roundup. Delicious looking sandwiches.

  8. oh my god!!! fantastic...everything looks soooo good!

  9. Nice roundup and thanks to accept my entry

  10. great job Divya. Thanks for bringing so many sandwiches together :)

  11. hai Divya.....i was waiting for this outcome from such a useful roundup...i make simple sandwich , datsy i couldn send it..but i love sandwiches and i loved this roundup....congrads on such a successful roundup... :)

  12. Great and lovely array of many sandwiches definitely help lot of us..Lovely roundup Divya!

  13. thats a lovely round up..nice event..

  14. Divya this is one fantastic round-up!!

  15. I could'nt post my fruit sandwich on time..missed the event divya..

    Lovely Sandwich ideas here..

  16. nice roundup divya...sandwiches looks delicious & yummy

  17. nice roundup divya so many yummy ideas for sandwich

  18. So Many Types of Sandwiches, can go for more than a month ka breakfast ! Very nice Round up :)

  19. Oh Wow!!.. Wonderful roundup... gr8 job.. :)

  20. Who knew that there is so much that can be done with bread! :D

    Good collection of sandwiches.

  21. Lovely round up Divya. Lots of variety.

  22. Wonderful roundup, lovely variety of sandwiches...

  23. Great Roundup Divya!Just so many varieties..

  24. oh my god!! thats great looking food! ALL of it!!:D

  25. dear I have got few awards for u in my blog..please accept them

  26. Hi Divya,

    First time here, great blog! How did you know I needed sandwich recipes for my kids!? thanks.

  27. Awesome pictures! I am so hungry.. I wish there was a picture of a club sandwich on here. That's my favorite.. yum yum. I love the way sandwiches taste.
    Acid Cigars


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