Aug 5, 2009

Show Me Your Breakfast Roundup Part II

Here I am with the second roudup of Show me Your Breakfast event. I am really overwhelmed by the support and response to this event. With more than 160 entries filling my inbox. I had restricted the number of entries to 3 but I received more than 3 entries from many. So I have included all entries in the roundup. I have also updated the rules for Show me Your Sandwich event, and you are very much welcome to pour in any number of entries.

Hope this roundup gives us several healthy breakfast ideas..I am also planning to give a small and surprise giveaway to one participant. So am planning to conduct a poll here in my blog. Please check if i have included all your entries in the roundup. Please mail me by tomorrow morning[8 am PST] if you find your entry missing here. I will be putting up the poll tomo morning.

Thanks again for all your lovely entries.

You have a week left for sending me your entries for Show Me Your Sandwich!

You can check the first roundup here - Show Me Your Breakfast Roundup I

Kavya Naimish - Tomato Dosa

Kavya Naimish - French Toast

Anupama - Aval Usili

Anupama - Eggless Savoury Toast

Anupama - Thayir Oats

Lubna - Breakfast Recipes

Prathibha - Rawa Upma

Shama - Carrot Dosai

Shama - Tomato Dosai

Shama - Set dosai

Shama - Ragi dosai

Shama - Dalwheat dosai

Shama - Beetroot dosai

Shama - Spicy Dal dosai

Shama - Oats Dosai

Shama - Rava dosai

Shama - Wheat onion dosai

Shama - Masala dosai

Shama - Egg dosai

Prathibha - Paper Rava dosai

Bindiya - Healthy whole wheat sweet bread

Priti - Mango Pancake

Sneh - Egg Burrito

Nivedita - Aloo Paratha

Nivedita - Pasta

Nivedita - Aloo Poha

Siri - Potato Chip Frittata Muffins

BDSN - Cracked wheat upma

Yasmeen - Sunshine Breakfast

Sowmya Arun - Carrot Akki Rotti

Harini - Adai

Shri - Zesty veggie scramble

Ann - vegetable idlis

Sneh - Aloo Paneer samosa

Shobha - Masal Dosa

Shobha - Idli Upma

Shobha - Quick easy mango lemon sevai

Sharmila - Mango jam

Dolon Das - Chole Batura

Jayasree - Whole Moong dosa

Ramki - Simple precooked recipes

Ramki - Full meal salads

Ramki - Quickie breakfasts

Ramki - Muesli recipes

Saraswathi Iyer - Masala Dosai

Saraswathi Iyer - Pesarattu Upma

Sharmistha - Nameless Delight

Sharmistha - Breakfast in a jiffy

Jyoti V - French Toast

Jyoti V - Banana smoothie

Bindiya - Garlicky potato buns

Shaista - Creamy Mango

Usha - Sweet Corn Kernels

Usha - Instant Oatmeal
Vidhas - Semiya upma

Vidhas - Broken wheat porridge

Andy - Veg bread upma

Lissie - Puttu and Kabuli channa curry

Indrani - Scrambled paneer sandwich w/Focaccia

Sarawathi Iyer - Chilled Idlies

The conflicted cook - Bran mini muffins

Sree - Adai

Sree - Bread omelette

Priya - Cucumber sandwich

Mahimaa - Sugar free dry fruit bars

Mahimaa - Semiya upma

Srilakshmi - Banana nut muffin

Srilakshmi - Spicy noodles

Srilakshmi - Bean ball sandwich

Sanghi - Arisi Puttu

Sanghi - Poori Kizhangu

Sanghi - Egg dosai

Sanghi - Dosa and tomato dal chutney

Sanghi - chicken kothu parotta

Sanghi - chapati and kurma

Kalva - Wholewheat eggless pancakes

Kalva - Blueberry smoothie

Divya Vikram - Pesarattu

Divya Vikram - Peanut butter and banana smoothie

Divya Vikram - Granola breakfast bars

Nidhi - Blueberry Pancakes

Nidhi - Birchermuesli

Thanks to everyone who participated and made the event a huge success!


  1. That must have been quite an put every thing together. Thanks for hosting.

  2. OMG.. I am hungry is a feast to my eyes now..

  3. Awesome round up Divya. Happy to be a part of it.

  4. great...very nice n helpful event and roundup

  5. wow.. so many beakfast items! waiting for the voting poll.

  6. Great job Divya.. very nicely organized.

  7. Hi Divya, I think u have missed out my chilled idlis? pls check. For ref

  8. Great breakfasts.

    Hope so working women like me will have a good time in reading this and trying their hands.

    Thanks for all to give us wonderful recipes.

  9. Wow what a round up!! So many breafast ideas... While I voted, I think it did not do any justice to the others posted here. You maybe heading for a hung vote since it is really really difficult to choose (like hung parliament).

  10. Human being have two food engines in side them. once carb which converts everything to sugar,another fat, check history the original human being used eat only fat. I am on low carb free diet for more than a month now and decided to be on the same for ever. Most of the things shown here i can not eat. Flour I use is low card and germinted, Green vegatables all allowed other than what grows underground, Nuts like almonds, pista,,cheese, panner egg. allowed in unlimited quantity. No wheat,Rice, besan,cereals,oil other than olive and coconut are allowed. but one can cook in pure cow ghee or butter.fruits only guawa and avacodo is allowed to eat.if u non veg than can eat chicken and fish, i am not.

  11. What a beautiful assortment of dishes. I'm starving and looking at all these pictures are making my mouth water! My favorite breakfast item is definitely the egg sandwich!
    Ananta Watches


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