Aug 10, 2009

Egg Cheese English Muffin Sandwich

I have always been a fan of Dunkin Donuts not only for their coffee but also for their breakfasts and pastries. Though we do not have Dunkin Donuts here in California, I usually never miss visiting one when we travel out of state. This egg cheese english muffin sandwich is one of my favorites. It makes a filling breakfast with a glass of orange juice or some hot coffee.

I like to make this sandwich with a toasted english muffin, but it also tastes great with any type of bread or buns. This is one of my entries to Show Me Your Sandwich event.

Ingredients (Makes one sandwich)

English Muffins - 1

Egg - 1

Cheddar Cheese - 1 slice

Butter - 1/2 teaspoon

Toast the english muffin in a toaster or on a hot tava. You can add a litte butter while toasting if you wish.

Meanwhile, in a frying pan, add about half a teaspoon of oil/ butter. Or you can spray some cooking spray. When hot enough crack the eggs into the frying pan. Cook until fully cooked flipping it half way through.

Transfer the egg to the toasted english muffin and top with cheese slices imediately. so that they melt in the egg's heat. Cover the other half of the muffin.

Isn'it it simple!

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Am sending the following entries to WYF:Breakfast hosted by EC this month.


Quick breakfast Smoothie


Sending this to Food for 7 stages of life hosted by Radhika and Sudeshna.


  1. I love Dunkin Donuts too. Not a donut or sweets fan though. Love toasted English muffins with fried egg. Add cheese and more yumminess! Nice one, Divya!

  2. simple breakfast recipe divya...all u need is some muffins/buns...

  3. yummy ones Divs..I havent tried dunkin donuts but have tried the McD the combo of egg n cheese..:)

  4. So simple, but mighty satisfying. I wish I had one right now!

  5. Your muffins look really nice!I missed your event this time..I made a sandwich but was so hungry we ended up eating with out a picture:((..I am eagerly waiting for your next Show me event and next time I wont miss..

  6. Simple sandwich... just ideal for a breakfast

  7. Thanks Divya, for accommodating!I will send it then..

  8. Superb recipe for breakfast

  9. what an easy and simple way of making sandwich!!!

  10. My mom use to make these like the McDonald's breakfast sandwiches, she called them "Mom McMuffins" :D

  11. I too love Dunkin Donuts egg sandwich. The combo of egg n cheese is irresistible! The sandwich looks great!

  12. Just enjoyed as a midnight snack. I couldn't stop thinking about these as soon as I saw your post. Walked to the grocery store to pick up English muffins and then fried up a few eggs and sliced some fine quality cheddar. Pure bliss.

  13. this is my fav tooo...thanks for posting the recipe

  14. Yummmy breskfast dear!Try participating in my FIL-Milk event dear!:)

  15. simple yummy breakfast dear...nice picture

  16. Divya,muffins are so cute to grab..great breakfast !!

  17. Thats simple and delicious sandwich/muffin :)

  18. i feel ive netered Mcdonalds :)
    remembers all the times when we were out on drives and early morning bkft was at Mcdy

    excellent for u to share them, now they can be made home :)

  19. such delciious muffins! Lovely clicks!

  20. looks so delicious and tempting Divya!!

  21. Such a cute little event Divya.. So sad that my camera got corrupted. Coz, I had made a sandwich with some German bread and stuffings. Anyways will chip in to the next event ;)
    Meanwhile, add your lovely event pictures or a blogpost of this event to our cooking and baking fetish community so that other members knew how it went!

  22. wow nice breakfast idea yummmy looks great wil try this soon book marked.

  23. Sandwich looks lovely. Ok no problem send it.

  24. hi divya...
    Wow.. you have creatively maintained your space.
    I would love to follow your blog from now on.
    Guess you are from AC tech Guindy?
    I have completed my engineering from MIT Chennai, 2004 Batch.
    Nice to stay connected over here!
    Do visit my blog when time permits...

  25. They looked so pretty! I love the idea of it and also it really looks so delicious.


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