Jan 17, 2011

Celebrating my 3rd year blog anniversary and a little giveaway!

Today, Dil Se.. turns three!

It all started a day without much thinking inspired by all the blogs out there. I just wanted to record all my kitchen experiments being a newbie to cooking. Blogging has introduced me to several new friends, people from all parts of the world and also to various cuisines. I have acquired a few photography skills as well. Blogging gave me the courage to venture into the world of baking which has become my favorite pastime now. I also tried a few authentic and traditional recipes as well. I was able to contribute to several events and contests. I was able to host a few of my own events as well.

Thanks to my dear husband who is a good critic and gives feedback for all my cooking experiments and waits patiently to eat until I photograph all my cooking! I also thank all the bloggers out there for encouraging me with your valuable time and comments.

My very first recipe Sweet Pongal!
The first thing I ever baked! Sweet Coconut puffs.

My first baked bread!

My first baked cake! Pear Walnut Cake

First Icecream! Watermelon Yoghurt Icecream
My first Jam! Plum Jam

First event and giveaway at DilSe.. Diet Foods

Show Me Your series of events..
Show Me Your Breakfast Part I
Show Me Your Breakfast Part II
Show Me Your Sandwich
Show Me Your Omelette
Show Me Your Lunchbox
Show Me Your Cake
Show Me Your Curry
Show Me Your Refrigerator
Show Me Your Salad
Show Me Your Smoothie
Show Me Your Wholegrains
Show me Your Cookbox

My first comment by dear DK
"Hey Divya! This is so simple and delicious! The Pic makes me grab a cup of it and have it with my rice! Total bliss! Thanks for sending it my way :)"

My first non-food blog! Currently pursuing Project 365. Blogging has really helped me improve my photography skills.

My Recipe Index..
My Blog Roll
My Food Blogs Event Calendar
My Facebook Page
Thanks again everyone for supporting me!!

Now moving on to the giveaway.. I have always loved these cute little salt and pepper shakers. I am giving away a set of these to a lucky reader of Dil Se..

You have to do any one of the following and leave a separate comment for each in this post.
1. Leave a comment on this post describing what you like at Dil Se.. or what you would like to see here in my blog.
2. Follow me publicly in Google Friend Connect.
3. Follow me on Facebook.
4. Subscribe to Dil Se.. via email. You can find a "Subscribe to" box in the right column of the blog.
5. Blog about this giveaway.

Remember to leave a comment for each entry. The giveaway ends on January 25th, 12pm Pacific time.

The giveaway is open to anyone. It will be shipped worldwide.

Giveaway sponsored by me.


  1. Hi Dhivya,

    Congratulations !!!
    Hey, you know, you are the first person to comment on my both the blog - Preethibhojan and Fun and dreams...
    Keep rocking.

  2. Congrats Divya... Wish you a good luck... and keep your more good recipes coming!!

  3. congratulations..wish you many happy more years at dilse..keep blogging!!!

  4. Congrats on your blog anniversary...Wish many more years :) ...I love show me serious....

  5. This is such an adorable post of your firsts!
    Well, what I like most about your blog is that it is a mix of all sorts of things... from events, to traditional recipes, to new creations!

  6. I am following you on GFC

  7. I am subscribed by email too

  8. Congratulations Divya!! :) So happy for you and it was great to know about your firsts...
    Here's to many more years of delicious food.

  9. Happy anniversary, Divya! May you have many, many more!

  10. Stumbled upon ur blog and was amazed at ur recipe collection! Congratulations on completing 3 years and wish u many more to go :-)

  11. Congrats Divya!!! Wish you many more years at Dilse :)...

  12. Congrats divya! liked reading about all your firsts..:)
    and following you via GFC already.

  13. congrats on the successful 3rd blog anniversary...:)
    I wish u many more...

  14. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.Wishing you many more!!What I love about your blog is that its a very happening place in the Blogosphere with so many wonderful events going on and I love your lovely recipes.

  15. Thats really wonderful Divya, Happy 3rd blog anniversary thats a huge milestone, keep rocking..Great to know about ur firsts, beautiful recap..

    Btw awesome giveaway..

  16. Love all the firsts of your! Happy anniversary Divya and here is wishing for many more of such lovely treats from you.

  17. Congrats on your 3 th blog anniversary .Keep rocking

  18. Hi Divya,

    Congratulations on your 3rd Anniversary at Dil Se... Wish you all the best for many more to come. You are the first one to comment on my blog.
    This post looked special with all your First events. I have liked all your events and round ups.

    Keep posting and rocking...

  19. Congratulations Divya! Happy Anniversary; looking forward to more blog posts.

  20. Congrats on ur blog anniversary!! :)

  21. hey athi, nice start to my comments on ur blog tho i'm on the fb fan page ;)
    best thing abt ur blog, it has got me extremely interested in cookin n can't wait to start :) n blog too ;)
    p.s - ne lucky charm for ur 2nd std frd? :P
    hehe just kidding :) 3rd anniv s awesome n let me try to compete wit u asap :P :P

  22. Congragulations on three years! I enjoyed this post :)

  23. Happy Anniversary Divya....Wishing u many more to come...u have a lovely blog and keeps getting better with recipes u post!...congrats!

  24. Congrats on completing 3 years and wishing u many more years of blogging

  25. Happy bloganniversary, Divya. Lovely recapture of your firsts. Keep rocking and wishing you many more happy blogging years ahead.

  26. Hey Congrats Divya......... njoy 3rd Anniv of your blog :)

  27. Congrats on your 3rd blog anniversary. Waiting for your many such anniversaries to come.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  28. Congrats on your blog anniversary. Love to read all the first things in your blog.
    If I have to say what I like in your blog, your innovative recipes, your events and on top of all that we are from same place:-)

  29. Congratulations on your 3rd blog anniversary...it is amazing to read about your first recipes ...it was indeed a amazing journey...glad to you enjoying every bit of it and even glad i have found you : )

    Super Yummy Recipes

  30. Congrats on your blog's 3 anniversary. You really rock. I simply love your "show me" events. It was really fun to go through when you had asked for different stuff like refrigerator and all. You are really creative :) Keep it going and you really rock lady :) hugs.

  31. Hi Divya,
    Your blog says about you and your work: Dil se means Directly from the heart. Your posts, unique recipes and your dedication all is from Dil Se...

  32. Congratulations!!! great accomplishment! I love your show me your series!!

  33. Your blog was the first one I subscribed for email updates :)

  34. wow Divya, happy third blog anniversary dear. A big and wonderful milestone. I love everything about your blog, but specially how easily and nicely your explain recipes and of course your pics. I need to try out more on photography to get better pics :)

    I would love to be part of your giveaway. I do everything you mentioned there, so sure I am in :)

  35. Many Many congratulations Divya..Happy Happy wala birthday to Dil se :)) Giveaway or no giveaway, always fan of this blog, amazing recipes from amazing cook..keep rocking Divya, i'll always follow DIL SE :))

    BTW we stared our blogs almost at d same time..VM also turn 3 next month :))

  36. Congratulations Divya ! I love the pictures for your blog and the non-complicated recipes of yours. I subscribe to your blog :)

    Thanks for the giveaway !


  37. That is great Divya .. 3 years !! I haven't even completed 3 months LOL but i must say .. it's an addiction.. it's a learning .. it's fun ! Looking forward to see much more amazing recipes from you :)you know what i too have those cute little salt and pepper shakers, couldn't stop myself when i found them in Amazon :)

  38. congrats and a very lovely give away... I love the pics from your blog and the recepes of yours.. I am on FB !!!!!!!!!!thnaks fot he giveaway!!!all the best..

  39. I ve known u pretty much 3 years through the other Divya (LA), oops years are running... Keep rocking gal! Congrats!

  40. Happy blog annivewrsary and wish u many more to come

  41. Congratulations - your blog is truly "Dil se" and thats what makes it special!

  42. Happy Anniversary and wishing your blog many more years. Your give away is cute! Congratulations to the lucky winner :)

  43. Congrats Divya..Wishing you many more years..

  44. Congratulations, Divya, and it was lovely revisiting your successes of the past three years. You go girl!

  45. Congrats on completing 3 yrs Divya !!!!! Wishing u many more yrs to come :)

  46. Congrats Divya on 3 yrs of hardwork and lots of good food!

    I had the pleasure in meeting you personally and have to tell everyone here that you are indeed a real sweet person but also a quiet one. Looking forward to more talking from you through the blog! Enjoy many more blog years!

  47. Congratulations, Divya! You and I picked the same background for our blog :))

    Wish you many more years of creative blogging!

  48. Happy Blogoversary D!! I can't believe those puffs were the first things you've ever baked! I still haven't had the courage to try puffs!

  49. Didn't realize 3 years have gone by so fast... have always enjoyed your blog and have been "publicly" following you for aeons now :) Congrats Divya!

  50. Congrats on blog anniversary...keep rocking!!
    Love ur blog for simple yet lovely recipes...

  51. Awww...so cute shakers...am jus excited to find out who the winner is.. Followin u publicly on Google Friend Connect..Subscribed via email too..I think yu remember all my comments on all ur first recipes... :) Gud luck to yu on all ur future endeavors...

  52. dilse dilse dilse dilse

  53. my dilse my dilse my dilse

  54. HI, our wedding is on June 9,2012 i would love to have this two peas in a pod as a give aways... love it! love it ! love it!... :) more power on blogging!!!


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