Mar 26, 2008

Pear Walnut cake

I found a lot of pears in the grocery store and I picked up a few of them..They were really very ripe and I decided to prepare some dessert with it..Searching for recipes, I came across this fabulously sweet pear cake..I made a few changes in the oringinal recipe..It turned out moist and nice..I did not do any frosting to the cake and it was good..Guess some frosting would add more flavour..
Here is how I prepared this cake..



Pears - 2 ripe ones..I used the yellow ones
White sugar -1/2 cup
Brown sugar - 1/2 cup
All purpose flour - 2 cups
Chopped walnuts - 1/2 cup 
Vegetable oil - 1/4 cup 
Egg - 1 
Vanilla extract - 1/2 teaspoon
Baking soda - 1 teaspoon
Salt - 1 pinch

Slice the pears finely and mix them with the white and brown sugar..Also stir in half of the chopped walnuts..
Allow it to sit for about an hour..
Then puree the above mixture in the blender finely..
To this mixture stir in the flour, salt,baking soda and remaining walnuts..
Mix well to remove any lumps.
Seperately mix the liquid ingredients oil,eggs and vanilla extract.. 
Mix it to the other ingredients and combine everything together.
Preheat oven to 350 degree F (175 degree C).
Meanwhile grease and flour a cake pan and pour the cake mixture evenly.
Bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until you get a nice dark brown crust..The time for baking depends on your oven too..


This dessert is my entry to AFAM-Pears hosted by The Singing Chef:Raaga and MM-Spring Fruit Sensations hosted by Abby.


Sending this to AWED American hosted by Dhivya


  1. beautiful entry divya:))cake looks awesome:)inimae orae baking entries dhana?kalakunga!!!!!!!

  2. I love pear.......Looks wonderful

  3. cake looks soft and spongy.awesome

  4. Awesome cake up there. Must give it a try but without egg though...

  5. can I have that piece, Divya! Looks delicious.

  6. Great and sweet entry Div, awesome

  7. Yum! sounds altogether delicious!


  8. Yummy cake.. liked the idea of adding pears!

  9. Good idea, I love you idli chutney and have book marked it, seems as a different dish! :)

  10. Yummy! This is the first time Iam hearing of Pear cake. Gotta try!

  11. that cake looks fabulous divya, thanks for sharing it with the monthly mingle.

  12. wow...such a lovely cake...looks great divya

  13. Divya,

    You are terrific in checking out the latest on my postings at I loved your pear walnut cake. I will try it this weekend. Keep up the great work!

  14. Can I have a slice please? Lovely entry!!

  15. pear cake....never had one...very intriguing!

  16. i had made some pear and walnut muffins and they were gr8..your cake looks delicious divya:)Its raining pears in blogosphere.

  17. Oh this sounds lovely! Pears with walnuts simply scrumptious. Thanks for the entry to MM!

  18. I make a simple apple cake except that i dont let them sit and carmelize them slightly!! i shud try this with pears!!

  19. that looks great Divya! I too made a low-fat pear and almond cake for Raaga's event:)

  20. hmmmm.... as afam deadline comes near i can see all blogs flooding with pear dishes :D . this one is another nice dish recipe with pears Divya. first pic is lovely

  21. the cake looks delicious... nice entry...

  22. Thanks friends for all ur encouraging comments..Al these really aggravate my interest in baking..Glad that u all liked it..

  23. This is a nice fruity cake Divya. I love the healthy ingredients & tha fact that you don't need to frost it. Very nice!

  24. I think I'm gonna try this recipe by omitting the egg and adding a ripe mashed banana instead.

  25. hey listen ........ saw ur blog just few days back. i tried the same cake and gave t a chocolate topping n made t into a birthday cake........ good.. really ll send u the photo of wat i did

  26. WoW Wow WoW!!looks great and yet a result of a simple recipe. Am dying to buy an oven asap so I can give this a try too along with a few others out there. Congratulations on ur blog turning three!!!!


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