Mar 30, 2008

Bittergourd Stir fry

I do not have much liking towards bittergourds...But my husband does..So I decided to cook it at least for the sake of participating in VOTW-Bittergourd hosted by Pooja..I was browsing through a number of recipes then decided to prepare this as my mom suggested..Here goes the recipe..



Bittergourd - 5 medium sized
Onion - 1 small sized
Tomato - 1 medium sized
Chili powder - 1 tablespoon
Turmeric - 1 teaspoon
Mustard seeds -1 teaspoon
Urad dhall - 1 teaspoon
Jeera/cumin seeds - 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste



Wash the bittergourd and slice them into thin round slices..
In a vessel add the sliced bittergourd and some salt and pour water till they get covered completely..
Close the vessel with a lid and boil for about 5 minutes on medium heat..
Then drain the water..This will remove a little bitterness from the veggie.
In a pan add a little oil and splutter mustard,urad dhall and jeera.
Then add the diced onion and saute till it turns soft..
Then add sliced tomatoes and cook for a minute..
Finally add the boiled bittergourd slices and close the lid and cook for about five minutes..
Then add turmeric and chilli powder and mix well.
Adjust salt.Salt might not be needed now as we had added it initially during the boiling process..
Cook on low heat for about 15 minutes until the edges turn brown and crispy..
Serve with hot rice and any curry..


This goes off to Vegetable Of the Week -Bittergourd hosted by Pooja..


  1. I love bittergourd in any form.. so this is really nice..

  2. nice simple recipe...i like bittergourds will surely do this way too...

  3. Hey even i am not a fan of bittergourd and hardly make anything from it

  4. nice one..I normally don't boil it..but keep it in salt water for a while...will try this way too...nice entry!

  5. Hi divya its my husbands favourite too.I will try urs

  6. Not only cooking , you are even cutting veggie so well :) .
    You are an expert by all means divya :) .
    Here is another common thing about all of us ;), Our hubbies like bitter gourd more than us, I read it on almost all posts . We girls even after knowing the benefits of eating this veggies, couldn't ignore the bitterness it has , and consume a little less than usual :)) .We all are really the same impossible lovely girls, aren't we ?

  7. Lovely fry ... I love the bittergourd but none in my house :)I boil the bittergourd too to remove the bitterness...

  8. wow, you are fast, Divya! You already sent your entry. I still have to send my entry to Dosa mela and I have to think about bittergourd after that.

    This is the same way I usually make bittergourd and the same way I cut the veggie too. He he! It looks simply awesome, Divya! Nice entry.

  9. That sounds a simple curry.

  10. Nice way to eat bittergourd.

  11. lovely one divya:))U r so fast!adhukullaya,,nan inimae dhan edhavadhu yochichu pananum!!!kalakunga

  12. wow This is great. It is always my favorite.Nice picture

  13. I love the bittergourd stir fry. i am not finding any bittergourds. don't know what to do for the event.


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