Dec 3, 2010

Garam Masala

I am lately having a cooking and blogging block! Though my bookmarked folder is overflowing, I hardly have any interest to try new recipes. And that is the reason you don't find much recipes here! Hopefully, I should start cooking and baking once my exams are done! This garam masala recipe is my mother-in-laws. it is really really flavorful and a little goes a long way! I have been using the same recipe ever since our marriage and she never forgets to keep us fully stocked after each India visit.

This garam masala tastes a bit different than the store bought ones. I have listed a few recipe in which I have used this garam masala. Do try and enjoy!

Coriander seeds / Dhania - 100g
Cumin / Jeera seeds - 100g
Cinnamon sticks/ Pattai - 20g
Cloves / Lavangam - 20g
Black pepper corns / Milagu (optional) - 20g
Cardamom / Elakkai - 50g
Bay leaves - 3
Nutmeg / Jathikai - 2
Toast all the above ingredients in a saucepan on a low flame. Take care the spices do not burn.

Grind them in a mixie or a spice grinder into a coarse powder. Store in an airtight jar for future use.

Some recipes in which this garam masala can be used:


  1. Nothing will beat the homemade masala powder, great looking garam masala.

  2. A very useful ingredient in any Indian Pantry!...The smell itself is so delectable....
    good one Divya!:) Hopefully the block will go away soon!;)

  3. Lovely home made garam masala.Will book mark and try.

  4. The salt and pepper shakers look so cute.

  5. Homemade masala powder always is good and tastes better than others...

  6. sounds a delicious garam masala. Cannot wait to meet you tomorrow and that pair of salt/pepper, is super duper cute :)

  7. i bet the kitchen would be filled with a nice aroma when roasting these spices!! and those salt and pepper shakers r damn cute !

  8. Home-made garama masala always rocks. way better the stale-store-bought-ones. :). that salt & pepper pair is so saucy. ;)

    Hope all is well on your side Divya


  9. Such an aromatic garam masala!! Thx for sharing...

  10. Homemade garam masala always gud,Love this salt/pepper shake...

  11. loved the clicks .. this one is a must have in the pantry

  12. inch pinch .. i've the same salt n pepper holders :))

  13. Such an aromatic garam masala...thanks for sharing...

  14. tasty home made garam masala it has good aroma

  15. Hehe love the shaker! Homemade spice is always better than the store bought!

  16. I love the aroma of garam masala.How about the show me the curry event?

  17. Fresh garam masala must be so aromatic.

    What a lovey-dovey pair of salt and pepper shakers :)

    All the best for your exams.

  18. Homemade garam masala always rocks, and cuteeee salt and pepper shakers :))

  19. Home made garam masala is the best...
    And the shakers are so romantic ;)


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