Apr 20, 2008


These California oranges are my entry for Click - Au Naturel hosted by Jai and Bee of Jugalbandi..I love the colour of these oranges and freshly squeezed orange juice is a part of our every day breakfast..

                                    CLICK - Au Naturel


This orange juice is a part of our everyday breakfast..Earlier we used to have the store bought ones but found that it was loaded with sugar and preservatives..Instead we got a citrus juicier and being in California we get fresh naval oranges almost all the year round..
We prefer to have it fresh without adding any sugar..


Some Tips on Navel Oranges:

For the best nutritional value and taste, juice only enough navel oranges to drink and enjoy right away!
Navel orange segments are healthy and fun kid foods for snacks and lunches, that pack and travel well. Peel the orange, then gently separate the fruit along the natural divisions.
Try this guilt-free treat: cut navel orange segments into low- or nonfat chocolate yogurt.
Toss some navel orange sections on your favorite cereal, pancakes and waffles..

I was thinking what I would prepare for the EC's Fun n Sun Event..
Realised that nothing would be more appropriate than this refreshing, chilled,freshly squeezed,orange juice..Sometimes I add a dash of cinnamon and a mint leaf to make it more refreshing..So here is my entry EC..  

BTW,Check out my new favicon in the address bar!


  1. Hi Divya...
    That was a beautiful click..... I too love freshly squeezed orange than the box ones.....They have that real orangeee flavor....

  2. Being in CA, we could not skip the flavor of Navel orange. Nice click.

  3. Oranges.......my fav fruit.Nice click and entry Divya

  4. nice click and refreshing drink divya

  5. Excellent click divya, i am orange lover. Great entry.

    BTW, I am in montrose, near la canada. As u r in glendale so we r neighbours:))) Oh!!You saw my profile on orkut, wat's ur id?

  6. Nice click Divya! So refreshing orange juice. Just bought those navel organges. I like your favicon too. How did you do that?

  7. aah what lovely oranges.. even i like fresh juice..

  8. Nice click..Love the taste of fresh orange juice..great entry for both the events

  9. ooh i miss my freshly squeezed CA orange juice! :) We now have Mausambi juice here - and I must say its pretty darn good.

  10. The orange juice looks yummy and a great click!

  11. Very refreshing drink...thanks for sending it to the event


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