Apr 11, 2008

Homemade garlic bread

I love garlic bread a lot especially as an accompaniment to soups and pastas..
Decided to try it at home..I made french bread last week at home and dint take photos as I didnt have the idea of blogging them..Later I decided to make garlic bread with those and they came out too good..So hurriedly I took some snaps and here is how I prepared it..
It is very quick to prepare if you have even store brought french bread at home..
It can also be tried using any type of bread but tastes best 
when french bread is used.



French bread - 6 slices
Garlic cloves - 5
Oregano dried - 1 teaspoon
Basil and parsley - chopped 1/2 cup
Salt to taste


Combine the  chopped garlic cloves,oregano,basil and parsley in a blender.
Preheat oven to 350 degree fahrenheit..
Apply sufficient amount on the bread slices and then apply this blended mixture over it..
Now place these slices in a baking sheet and bake them for about 7 to 8 minutes until they turn 
golden and crunchy..
Serve them hot along with soups, pastas or any dish of your choice..



  1. Are you making "Baguette" at home. Really it is so good the outcome, i never venture in bread seeing u i should give a try next week! Well done Div!

  2. Lovely bread, Divya! I never baked a bread at home. After seeing all of you I feel like baking one.

  3. wow!lovely bread divya:))kalakunga..garlic bread is my favorite too

  4. Hi Divya.I always made garlic bread at home but I use only parsley.I guess combining more herbs would be tasting much better.
    The french bread is absolutely great.I never put my hands in bread.Will try ur way!!!!

  5. Looks lovely. Nice try. By the way, I wanted to tell you this from a long time. i love the name of your blog - Dil Se.

  6. Lovely bread Divya ...I love garlic break too but never baked it at home and will surely try

  7. "Bread Rani" Divya peru kuduthidalam pola irukke. Good one. Like many others who have commented here, I have also been postponing "the bread baking" episode. Hope to do it sometime soon.

  8. Amazing dear.I like garlic bread so much......Will sure try.

  9. Since u used all the herbs that I use normally, will definitely love this one!

  10. I love garlic bread, never thought of making at home though. Thanks for the recipe, it looks delicious!

  11. Wow very nice recipe, looks great, nice entry..

  12. adding herbss will enhance the taste of garlic bread,nice recipe divya

  13. Garlic Bread looks great. Nice recipe.

  14. looks crunchy,crispy...can this ne dove without oven,i hve microwave but no otg..:-(

  15. Hi Divya, Garlic Bread is a favourite at my place but its usually the store bought frozen one. I have never made it at home, but I would surely like to try out your recipe for this!

  16. I am equally a big fan of garlic bread :) Will surely try this ..



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