Jun 18, 2009



  1. Lovely photographs and good recipes.
    Thanks to you!


  2. Hi Divya, loved reading your baking recipes. Need some advice. What's better - a convection microwave oven or an OTG one? Plan to do some baking but can't decide what's better. No, i'm not someone who is in love with the idea of cooking in a microwave. Am more the baking type but can't seem to get a grip on what i should spend on. Thanks in advance. cheers!

  3. @ Anonymous, I would always suggest you to get an OTG oven. That works best for all baking needs!

  4. hi divya,

    i really love dil se for various reason. i need a suggestion. as i am working i am unavailable for kids when they return from school. i need to keep some snacks for them. anything cooked becomes dry by evening. any good suggestion so that i can cook in the morning and keep it for them for evening.
    i dont want give junk foods from bakery. hence your suggestion will be highly appriciated.


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